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PBL: Delhi Acers power past Mumbai Rockets

BENGALURU: Delhi Acers’ Tommy Sugiarto, the 2014 world championships bronze medalist, appeared to struggle in his initial stages, failing to match the aggression of Mumbai Rockets’ H.S. Prannoy in their Premier Badminton League match on Wednesday but, however got to rhythm and won Prannoy 15-8, 15-6 at the Sree Kanteerava stadium.

P. C. Thulasi. (Image Courtesy: www.thehindu.com).

P. C. Thulasi.
(Image Courtesy: www.thehindu.com).

In the day’s opening match, Mumbai’s imposing mixed-doubles duo of Vladimir Ivanov and Kamilla Rytter Juhl were given a tough fight by Akshay Dewalkar and Aparna Balan. The Indian pair was comfortably ahead at 13-9 in the opening game, before the Russian and his Danish partner pulled away for a 15-13, 15-11 win.

Rajiv Ouseph won the trump match against R. M. V. Gurusaidutt comfortably 15-7, 15-10 in the fifth match of the tie, as Delhi Acers pulled off a 4-1 win against Mumbai Rockets

P.C. Thulasi of Delhi Acers beat Ruthvika Shivani 15-11, 8-15, and 15-13 in an exciting encounter. “This is a confidence booster win for our team, it was a Trump match for Mumbai and after winning the first set I lost focus in the 2nd and paid the price. Luckily I held my nerves in the third and managed to win a vital point for our team,” she said.

The Delhi Acers won 5-0 to go top of the table with 20 points ahead of Mumbai Rockets after their final league clash.

Trump Matches Bring Pressure On Team: Srikanth, Ashwini

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

BENGALURU: Top players of Bangalore Top Guns Kidambi Srikanth and Ashwini Ponnappa said Trump matches bring pressure because it changes the complexion of the tie pretty quickly.

Bengaluru Top Guns“We feel a little bit of pressure because the whole team depends on you to pull off a crucial match to get vital bonus point. Yes, the trump match adds pressure because it changes the complexion of the match quickly,” Srikanth told reporters.

Ashwini, who plays the mixed doubles match for Top Guns, also talked about the pressure, but added it all depends on players how they handle the pressure and outsmart the opponent.
“Of course there is a lot of added pressure because they are crunch matches. However, success lies in how players handle the pressure in crunch situation,” she said.

Top Guns Coach Arvind Bhat said Trump matches are taken at a very crucial stage and hence the players are in different zone and feel differently.

Asked reasons for Joachim Fischer Nielsen playing just one mixed doubles, Bhat said the Danish star had to miss four days of the league for playing a league back home.

“It is purely an administrative issue. Because the window was short he had to go to participate in a league back home, and hence he missed four days of the PBL,” he said.

Asked did Fischer’s absence cost the team which now find themselves in a tough position to qualify for semifinal, Bhat said, “Yes, his absence has affected the team’s chances, otherwise we would have been probably at the second spot in points-table.”

Asked about the preparations for P.V. Sindhu and Suo Di match, Bhat said,
“We are expecting a very close contest between Di and Sindhu, but the pressure is on the latter. The underdogs always have an advantage to play freely, without much pressure,” Bhat said.

PBL: Tough Task Ahead For Top Guns

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

The Bengaluru Top Guns attempt to overturn a disastrous Premier Badminton League (PBL) campaign on their favour and are looking into book their berth into the semifinals of the six-team event.

The Bengaluru Top Guns currently with (8 points) have to win all their five matches to get one point (14) including the Trump match ahead of the Smashers to enter into the semi finals.

Bengaluru Top Guns

Bengaluru Top Guns.
(Image Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/).

Today’s (Wednesday, 13-Jan-2016) event takes place at the Sree Kanteerava stadium against Chennai Smashers (13).

Led by champion shuttler P.V. Sindhu, Smashers had mixed results winning only 11 of their 20 matches so far.

The Hyderabadi will not play the trump match, as she already taken on that responsibility twice now Smashers will rely on Simon Santoso against skipper Kidambi Srikanth or opt for their mixed-doubles pair of Chris Adcock and Pia Zebediah to face Top Guns’ Ashwini Ponnappa and Joachim Fischer Nielsen.

The Bengaluru Top Guns would pick their Malaysian men’s doubles pairing of Khim Wah Lim and Hoon Then How or the mixed pair for the all important clash. Bhat said that despite the results going against Top Guns so far in the event, there were signs the team could bounce back. Even four wins out of five could do for the trick but the coach is targeting a big result.

In the day’s earlier match, second-placed Delhi Acers (15) take on fourth-placed Mumbai Rockets (13).

On Wednesday: Mumbai Rockets vs Delhi Acers (2.30pm); Chennai Smashers vs Bengaluru Top Guns (6.30pm).

Trump Match, A Big Challenge For Coaches: Kidambi Srikanth

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

BENGALURU: India shuttler Kidambi Srikanth on Tuesday said the new rule of ‘Trump Match’, introduced in the second edition of Premier Badminton League (PBL), will be a big challenge for coaches.

“We have never done these kind of things and obviously it (The Trump Match) is exciting. There will be a lot of strategy involved in it. I think it is a very big job and a challenge for any coach,” he told reporters here after the launch of Bengaluru Top Guns team.

Kidambi Srikanth. (Image Courtesy: results.glasgow2014.com).

Kidambi Srikanth.
(Image Courtesy: results.glasgow2014.com).

Bengaluru Top Guns coach Arvind Bhat admitted that the rule will throw a big challenge for the coach. “The rule will throw a big challenge before the coach, and he has to take the right decision on it, so that the team gains bonus points rather than losing points and eventually losing the tie from a winning position, in rare cases,” Bhat said.

Bhat said the new rule involves lot of strategising which can play a vital role in some crunch matches, which will have an effect on the entire tournament.

“I think it is a very strategic thing, but at the same time it can play a very crucial role in some matches that will have cascading effect on the League,” he said.

In a Trump Match, the team calling for the Trump gets 2 points for win and -1 points for loss. However, the other team will play this match as a normal one. If both the teams place the trump on the same match, then for both of them +2 or -1 scoring will apply for win or loss respectively.

Ace Indian women’s doubles shuttler Ashwini Ponnappa said the Trump Match is an exciting rule because a winning team could eventually turn out to be losers.

“The rule is exciting because anything can happen – you could still lose if you lose your Trump Match. So, that puts lot of pressure on players. It is a wonderful idea … it will be pretty nerve-wracking for people to watch as well,” she said.

India’s chief national coach Pullela Gopichand said Trump Match is a fantastic idea as it will keep spectators, viewers and players glued to the matches. “What it basically does is, if the tie is 3-0 up, teams can actually lose last two matches and lose the tie. So, basically every match is going down to the wire,” he said.

The Trump Match will make players realise where they stand in terms of class and how they fared in the high-pressure match, Gopichand said.

“At the end of the League, players will realise how they fared in Trump Matches,” he added.

As per the rules, both teams will specify which of the five matches will be their respective Trump Match along with the list of players at least one hour before the start of the tie with the referee.

A team winning the ‘Trump Match’, after selecting one of the five matches in a tie, would fetch them a bonus point and a negative point in case of defeat.

Awadhe Warriors Play Mumbai Rockets In PBL Opener

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

NEW DELHI: Awadhe Warriors, where Saina is locked in will take on Mumbai Rockets in the opening match of the Premier Badminton League in Mumbai on January 2 next year.

The PBL matches will not be held in Chennai due to the recent flood, which delayed the preparation for the event. The home matches of Chennai Smashers will be played at Lucknow and Hyderabad venues. The final will be held here.

With the new rule of the ‘Trump Match’ set to be introduced in the league, other franchises will keep a check on how both the teams use it to their advantage on the first day. Commented PBL Chairman Akhilesh Das Gupta on scheduling of the matches.

“This is a happy moment for each one of us as we are just around the corner for the start to the Premier Badminton League. Each day will be exciting and this we have ensured by the new Format & Rules that we have introduced.

“What has boosted us is the enthusiasm that the franchisees are showing towards the ‘Trump Match’ rule. Post PBL Auction, all the players are gearing-up for one of the most competitive Leagues in the world. With the release of the schedule, teams will start working on their strategies and game-plans.”

Six franchises will hold good for top honours where the matches to be held in five cities viz., Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Six franchises, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru will compete in the tournament.

IPBL To Have Trump Match, Best Of Three Games For 15 Points

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

IPBL – Indian Premier Badminton League.
(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

NEW DELHI: The Premier Badminton League (PBL) will see the introduction of a ‘Trump Match’, a rule which could prove to be the game changer when the 16-day long event gets underway on January 2nd.

There will be five matches in a tie and every team will have the option of selecting one of these matches as their ‘Trump Match’, in which, a victory would give the team a bonus point and a loss a negative point.

In another minor rule modification, each match will take in consideration the best of three Games and each game will be played for 15 points and a sudden death at 14 all.

Speaking on the new format, Akhilesh Das Gupta, Badminton Association of India President & PBL Chairman said: “The idea behind introducing the new rules is to make the League more competitive.

“The new format will keep each team on the edge as each day will produce a new result and might put different teams on a better position vis-a-vis the positions that they were a day earlier. So no team can take any day lightly as one wrong move will prove tables changing for them.”

According to the ‘Trump Match’ rules, both teams will specify which of the five matches will be their respective Trump Match along with the list of players at least one hour before the start of the Tie with the Referee. It is fine that both the teams can have their Trumps in the same match.

In a Trump Match, the team that has called for the Trump gets 2 points for win and -1 point for loss. However, the other team will play it as a normal match. If both the teams place the trump on the same match, then for both of them +2 or -1 scoring will apply for win or loss respectively.

According to the new format announced by PBL on Tuesday, each team plays five ties with the other five teams – hence 15 Ties during the league stage followed by Semi-finals & Finals.

Each tie will comprise of five matches – Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, Mixed Doubles and Men’s Singles.

Also, only after each team shares the list of players who will be playing the five matches and their choice of trump match, the order of play will be mutually decided by the Technical team of PBL and Star India before each tie to keep the schedule unpredictable.

The following criteria will be considered before scheduling the match:
(i) No player plays back to back matches.

(ii) In case the same is unavoidable, then there will be a five minute extra gap between consecutive matches if the same player is playing them. Prior to this, both the captains would have shared the names of the players who will be representing them in these five matches and which of these five matches will be Trump for the respective teams. It is fine that both the teams have placed the Trump on the same match.

(iii) A team cannot put the same player in the trump matches proposed by them more than twice in the league stage and once in the knock out stage i.e., if team A places 5 trump matches during the league stage, any player can take part in maximum two of those 5 matches. However, participation of a player in a trump match proposed by the opponent will not be counted in this maximum 2 criterion.

(iv) Scoring: Victory in a normal match gives 1 point, loss gives 0 points. In a Trump Match, the team that has called for the Trump gets 2 points for victory and -1 points for loss. However, the other team will play this match as a normal match and will either get 1 or 0 points for win or loss respectively. If both the teams place the trump on the same match, then for both of them +2 or -1 scoring will apply for win or loss respectively.

(v) Each team shall have a minimum and maximum of 10 players of which a minimum of 4 Indian players, and shall ensure that at least 2 matches out of 5 in a Tie shall have Indian participation. No player can play more than 2 matches in a tie. The two men’s singles will have different players participating from each team i.e., same men’s player cannot play both the men’s singles.

(vi) Each player will be allowed 1 unsuccessful challenge per Match – the successful challenges are not counted. (BAI to ensure faster turnaround for challenges, i.e., the challenges are to be played right after the challenge instead of how it is done in BWF tournaments). In addition, each team is allowed 1 challenge (successful or unsuccessful) across the course of the 5 matches in a tie.

(vii) Break pattern: There will be a maximum 1 minute break in each game whenever the lead scorer reaches 8 points, there will be a maximum of 1 minute break between games and there will be a maximum of 5 minute break between matches (from end of matchpoint of the previous match to start of the first point of the next match).