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Tommy Sugiarto Stars As Delhi Acers Reach PBL final

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

BENGALURU: Tommy Sugiarto, the World no 11 from Indonesia was the hero for the Delhi Acers as he led his side to the final clash of the Premier Badminton League (PBL) with his 15-11, 15-10 win over Chennai Smashers’ Brice Leverdez in the trump match, here on Thursday.

The scores were level 2-2 when Sugiarto took the courts and courtesy his win, Delhi edged Chennai 3-2 in the semifinals.

In the first game, Sugiarto was leading 10-5 at one stage but Brice managed to reduce the margin to 11-13. However, he could not match the agility and skillful movements of Sugiarto.

In the enthralling second game, Sugiarto kept the nerves at the end prompting Brice to commit two crucial errors, which saw Delhi clinching the tie and entering for the title clash.

P.V. Sindhu.(Image Courtesy: www.oneindia.com).

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy: www.oneindia.com).

India’s star women’s shuttler P. V. Sindhu kept the hopes of Chennai alive to qualify into the final by thrashing P. C. Thulasi in the trump match 15-6, 15-7, which gave Chennai overall 3-2 points lead.

Down 0-2 in the tie, it was the Chennai mixed pair, Chris Adcock and Pia Zebadiah beat Gabrielle Adcock and Koo Keat Kien 15-9, 15- 14 of Delhi Acers to keep the hopes of Chennai alive.

Sindhu picked the first game of the fourth match quite easily over Thulasi, who failed to repeat her own performance from Wednesday night when she had denied Mumbai Rockets’ trump match.

Sindhu was making her best as she used her height to her advantage, making Thulasi clueless of her movements in the court and variety of stroke-plays she had in the store.

In men’s doubles, Koo Keat Kien and Tan Boon Heong of Delhi Acers clinched a thrilling encounter 15-10, 15-14 over Chris Adcock and Pranav Chopra.

Heong wrapped up the match in a thrilling second game when he smashed straight into the chest of the Adcock, who could not return, with the game ending at 15-14.

Ajay Jayaram. (Image Courtesy: doonsports.com).

Ajay Jayaram.
(Image Courtesy: doonsports.com).

In the men’s singles, Delhi’s Ajay Jayaram came the better of Sony Dwi Kuncoro 14-15, 15-10, 15-7, giving an overall 2-0 lead in two matches of the tie. However, Jayaram lost the first game in a close fight, but trounced Kuncoro in the next two games, rather convincingly.

The match was not less entertaining than the first. The fans enjoyed the first game with the battle going down the wire with Sony wrapping up the game smashing to the right of Jayaram who struggled to reach to the shuttle.

The Chennai star did well to keep the match in the team’s kitty, especially after Jayaram was 6-8, two points behind Sony at the interval.
Sony however lost the second game as some casualness crept into his play, helping Jayaram to speed away with 15-10 victory.

Jayaram exploited the casual approach of Sony and played to his advantage by taking an early 8-2 lead at interval and continued with the tempo, claiming the decider with a margin of eight points, a clear reflection how Kuncoro lost the plot after winning the first game.

The Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed Racquet Review



The Yonex Nanoray Z Speed has a heavy head, stiff shafted with a new shape isometric head, a round smaller than standard size.

The nanoray Z-Speed will pretty much react as fast as your eyes can see. What’s more special about the racquet in its defense is the amount of power and accuracy involved in the returns.

The Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed has the capability to hit the shuttle to all the corners of the court without much trouble. Also Clears were effortless, playing the fast drop shots from the back are good, backhands are excellent and those tight net shots turned out to be fine. The drives, able to hit the hard flat shot to the back, making the opponent to think, it was out.

Yes another amazing feat is this racket holds the world record for having the fastest smash at 493km/h hit by Tan Boon Heong of Korea.

This racquet gives you the steepness of the shots while smashing and those smashes with the Z-Speed gives you a steeper angle than the other racquets.

The racquet is a 3U size with wieight in 85-89g. TheZ Speed racquet is presented with the usual Nanoray cover. Colour is very striking although not to everyone’s taste. The head or frame has a bold and bright orange for most of the head with black and other designs near the T-Joint and shaft.

IBL 2013 – Delhi Smashers vs Pune Pistons at New Delhi – Pune Pistons Win 3-2

Krrish Delhi Smashers played Pune Pistons in the opening match of IBL 2013 on 14th August, 2013 at 8pm IST.

While we predicted a 3-2 victory for Delhi Smashers, Joachim and Ashwini of Pune Pistons had other plans to spoil the Delhi party and upset the hosts 3-2 to win the opening tie of the IBL 2013 in the deciding match.

Krrish Delhi Smashers vs Pune Pistons – IBL 2013 Match Results

Winner: Pune Pistons

Score: 3-2

Player of the Tie: Sai Praneeth


Ashwini Ponnappa and Joachim Fischer

Ashwini Ponnappa and Joachim Fischer

  • Mens Singles 1: Sai Praneeth of Delhi Smashers defeated Tien Minh Nguyen of Pune Pistons 21-16, 21-20 to give a good start to Delhi Smashers.
  • Womens Singles: Juliane Schenk of Pune Pistons defeated Nichaon Jindapon of Delhi Smashers 21-15, 21-6 to help Pune roar back with their first point of the IBL 2013.
  • Mens Doubles: Boon Hoeng Tan/Kien Keat Koo of Delhi Smashers defeated Sanave Thomas and Rupesh Kumar of Pune Pistons 21-13, 21-16 in the third match to give a 2-1 lead to Delhi Smashers.
  • Mens Singles 2: Saurabh Varma of  Pune Pistons defeated H.S.Prannoy of Delhi Smashers 21-16, 19-21 11-5.
  • Mixed Doubles: Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Ashwini Ponnappa of Pune Pistons defeated Kien Keat Koo and Jwala Gutta of Delhi Smashers 21-19, 16-21, 11-3 to help Pune Pistons win the decider and also gain the valuable bonus point for winning the tie.

Delhi Smashers vs Pune Pistons Videos

Match 1: Tien Minh Nguyen of Pune Pistons vs Sai Praneeth of Delhi Smashers

Match 2: Juliane Schenk of Pune Pistons vs Nichaon Jindapon of Delhi Smashers

Match 3: Sanave Thomas and Rupesh Kumar of Pune Pistons vs Boon Hoeng Tan/Kien Keat Koo of Delhi Smashers

Match 4: Saurabh Varma of Pune Pistons vs H.S.Prannoy of Delhi Smashers

Match 5: Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Ashwini Ponnappa of Pune Pistons vs Kien Keat Koo and Jwala Gutta of Delhi Smashers


While it might turn out to be a Ashwini vs Jwala showdown, we are prediciting a Delhi Smashers victory. (Reasoning given below)

Ashwini Ponnappa vs Jwala Gutta

Ashwini Ponnappa vs Jwala Gutta

Match Tickets: Click this link to buy the tickets for Krrish Delhi Smashers vs Pune Pistons match at 8pm IST on 14-Aug-2013 at New Delhi (Siri Fort Stadium)

Team Composition:

Krrish Delhi Smashers

Jwala Gutta

Jwala Gutta

Players of Krrish Delhi Smashers in IBL 2013:

Pune Pistons

Ashwini Ponnappa

Ashwini Ponnappa

Players of Pune Pistons in IBL 2013 are:

 Initial Analysis

While on paper both teams appear to be strong, Delhi Smashers might have the edge over Pune Pistons. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Mens Singles 1: Wing Ki Wong from Delhi Smashers will have to fight it out with Tin Min Nyugen if he plays him. If Delhi smartly escapes this one, he might win this hands down – but of course Delhi will lose the second one also very easy.
  2. Mens Singles 2: Sai Praneeth from Delhi Smashers might have to battle it out and carve this one, as it appears to be a close call here.
  3. Womens Singles: Juliane Schenk from Pune Pistons is going to have it her way, unless someone from the Delhi Smashers team spring up with a surprise (Arundhati?). So this point appears to be a foregone conclusion for Pune Pistons in this match.
  4. Mens Doubles: Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Keat are undoubtedly the best pair in IBL 2013 and hence will be able to win their Mens Doubles match hands down.
  5. Mixed Doubles: Diju and Jwala have already played together for many years and might be quite formidable to defeat, unless Pune Pistons come up with an idea of playing Ashwini along with Joachim. This is a close one and hence no clear winner here.

Prediction Conclusion

With two sure wins (Mens Singles 1 and Mens Doubles), Delhi Smashers just have to work hard enough to win either the second Mens Singles match or the Mixed Doubles match, which appears to be quite a possibility. Hence the thought is Delhi Smashers are going to win this one 3-2 over Pune Pistons. Lets wait and watch :-)