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Badminton Racquet Review – Yonex Arcsaber 11

YONEX-ARCSABER-11.(Image Courtesy: racquetnetwork.com).

(Image Courtesy: racquetnetwork.com).

The Arcsaber 11 uses a new Yonex developed alloy called “Sonic Metal”, which is first debuted in the Yonex five star range and has a thin and stiff shaft aiding to its aerodynamic fast swing to obtain power.

With the stiff shaft and more balanced than the voltric racuqets, the Arcsaber 11 relies on your arm swing and muscular strength if you want to get a good hard smash. While the slightly head is slightly heavy and add the extra power to your smashes.

Clears to the back of the court are effortless and more importantly accurate so that one can hit the shuttle to any corner he wants with relative accuracy to the line.

Net drops are sweetly placed and also adventurous.

The Arcsaber 11 is in the top range of the Arcsaber range. i.e. a racquet that is meant to do everything well. The Arcsaber 11 does exactly this and also supports the player looking for extra power.

Badminton Racquet Review: Victor Meteor X80

MeteorX80. (ImageCourtesy: my.victorsport.com).

(ImageCourtesy: my.victorsport.com).

Another incredible racquet master piece from victor! Your first look at the Victor Meteor X80, suspects it with a Voltric 80, since the design of these two racquets are comparitively one and the same except for the design on the shaft with its thing for cell-shaded graphics, and the Meteor 80 fits right in.

This racquet is built for more of a defense than for attack play. It has a heavy head with very stiff shaft. Technologies like Octablade, Peakwaves, Nano Tec, Carbon XT and Eighty-80 are embedded in it. The racquet is very gentle on the arms despite being very stiff.

The weight in the head can hardly be felt when you swing it, but the moment the strings come into contact with the shuttle you can feel the power from the shaft transfering to the shuttle and with a quick flick of the wrist is all you need to make the shuttle travel to the far ends of the court.

The light weight allowed quicker response from the wrist and the weight transfer upon hitting will take care of the distance. Thanks for the weight transfer, clearing to the backcourts were also easy, even if I ‘m out of position and had to force a clear from a lower angle. This is superb!

Head Heavy and very stiff shaft is for very good for smashing. Quick drops, fast smashes, check smashes and drives, all comes good with the Meteor X80. the smashes were of good speed, which were reasonably hard to return.

This racquet is slightly slow responsive while playing to the sides when the weight is 4U because of its light weight.

Red, black, white and Gold in a combination of ferocity and swiftness. Quick, sharp edges dominate the primary markings on the racquet shaft and head with the grand touch of gold shade.

Yonex Nanoray 700RP Racquet Review

Nanoray 700 RP. (Image Courtesy: www.badlab.de).

Nanoray 700 RP.
(Image Courtesy: www.badlab.de).

Yonex Nanoray 700 RP (Repulsion) is a racquet designed for those players who want to encounter the smashes and those fast shots with their quick reflexes and you enough speed to tackle even the hardest smashes.

Nanoray 700 RP is even balance and its basically a all round racquet and has a brilliant defense when waiting for the big smash and then diverting it away where the opponent can’t reach. These are head light racquets and normally have a stiff shaft for better wrist work.

That’s what a Yonex Nanoray 700RP precisily does.

The Nanoray 700 series comes in two variants, RP (repulsion) and FX (flex). The RP-Repulsion model has a stiff shaft for wrist movements and quick swings and the flex model, slightly more flexible for long swingers.

The width of the head frame is thick. This thick frame seems to be lending more power to the shots thus allowing for better shot placement.

This is an excellent racquet for doubles as this counter defend tehose huge smashes and direct them where you want!

Usually Head light rackets are amazing when it comes to defending so is Yonex Nanoray 700 RP.

Going along the lines of the fast lifting speed, the Nanoray 700RP’s quickness also translates to when you’re receiving smashes.

The biggest problems with head light rackets is the lack of weight in the front, and that means that your defense will not usually go as far as you want to without a little more effort. However, the Yonex Nanoray 700RP because of the stiff shaft gives you the added power to push the shuttle higher off a defensive stroke.

This racquet is also good for smashing. But don’t compare it with the Voltrics or Armortec’s or slightly lacks from these models. However, it’s got a similar feel to the N90 when you come for a smash and there’s a solid feel of the smash as each smash from the racquet transmits the power from your stroke onto the attacking shuttle because of the stiff shaft architecture.

This racquet is excellent for those fast overhead shots as well once again because of the stiff shaft which allows for very quick energy transfer from the wrist without losing too much to the flex. This really helpful when you want to whip the head around the shuttle at net height.

The drives (defense and offense) are very fast, and you recover quickly because of the weight of the racket head, ready to intercept any potential counter drive or push that your opponent might have.

Being light around the head also gives you a very good maenurability hence be able to contact the shuttle ahead of your usual height. This usually helps if you’re going up for the net kill.

Last but not least, the most important spec of a racquet is that the Yonex Nanoray 700RP gives you superb control, it’s almost perfect.

The NR700RP speed and accuracy allows for a very tactical play.