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Badminton Racquet Review – Yonex Voltric 5

Voltric 5 (www.leosrackets.com)

The Voltric 5 badminton racquet was introduced in 2011 at the All Englands, it is a predecessor of the Voltric 80.

The Voltric racquets have proven to be a success for the Yonex brand because of the technological advancements and it is also the most affordable.

The Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racquet is available in a full carry case, and it is important to note at this point that this has become the benchmark for the Voltric series of products, the “Tri-Voltage” system. This specific model is available in black with hues of yellow.

This racquet is very lightweight and its weight ranges from 85 grams to 89 grams. Its grip size is ranked as a G4 which is really the smallest of grip sizes available in the entire range.

The Voltric technology borrows heavily from the technology used in the Armortec, and is the combination of the Arcsaber and Nanospeed techniques used.

The Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket is certainly head heavy, a trait that new users find a little hard to adjust to especially if they are more accustomed to the lightweight versions of the different rackets available. The closest comparison one can make to this is the AT900T. if anything, this is the ideal racket if you would like to have your model substituted. Its balance is similar to Voltric 7. Its shaft is medium flex, making it suitable for players involved with the league. Note that the maximum tension which is recommended is 24 lbs or below, although this is characteristic of racquets from Yonex.

Voltric 7 Badminton Racquet Review

Voltric 7.(Image Courtesy:  badminton-coach.co.uk).

Voltric 7.
(Image Courtesy: badminton-coach.co.uk).

Voltric 7 was introduced at 2011 All England open badminton championships and comes in a full length bag, which is now standard for the Voltric range. This racquet is striking in red, with flashes of white and yellow.

This particular model is only available in 4U (weight 81-85g) in UK, and grip size G4 which is the smaller of the grip sizes on offer in UK.

The Voltric range is a combination of Armortec, Nanospeed and Arcsaber technologies and so far it’s worked remarkably well on the high end Voltrics.

This is a head heavy racquet while considering balance wise, but certainly not as heavy as the other high-end Voltrics. I’d say this is very close to the weight of Armortec 900 Power.

Voltric 7 could be a good alternative to AT900 T.

This racquet has a medium flex shaft and is certainly suitable for club and league players.

Maximum recommended tension on this racquet is 24lbs which also is a typical feature of Yonex racquets.

As far as the power is concerned, clears will go effortless, despite the lower tension string but however you can still feel the weight in the head and noticeably lighter than VT80.

The Voltric range will soon replace Armortec range of racquets.

The slightly lighter head is capable of high racquet swing speeds and the weight in the head still gets delivered during the smashes. This racquet also copes well for defence and for flat rallies.