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Prannoy loses In Quarter finals Of The Macau Open 2015

Macau Open

MACAU: H.S. Prannoy lost his match in the progressing Macau Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion here in Macau.

H.S Prannoy.(Image Courtesy: keralitesnews.com).

H.S Prannoy.
(Image Courtesy: keralitesnews.com).

H.S. Prannoy, seeded 7th here, lost to Ihsan Maulana Mustofa [16] of Indonesia 18-21, 21-19, 21-11 in 59 minutes to be precise. When Prannoy reached the scores of 18-19  and 19-20 in favour of the Indonesian, failed to convert this chance of winning the second game and pushed for a decider to lose the match.

In the first game, it was the Indonesian who started the note, but Prannoy quickly reeled to get a good lead of 3-0 and continued scoring points ahead of the Indonesian, when he was caught up at 8-8. From here the Indonesian went way ahead of Prannoy. At one point the score looked 17-13 in favour of the indonesian. Again Prannoy had to fight back his way to level the scores at 17-17 and surged ahead of the Indonesian by scoring 4 quick points wrapping hte first game 21-18 in Prannoy’s favour.

The second one was a clear battle, where the Indonesian and the Indian exchanged neck to neck battles. The Indonesian was ahead of the Indian and was levelled by the Indian at two circumstances at 6-6 and at 12-12. After which the Indonesian slowly but gradually tend to move away from the Indian. It was 19-20 in favour of the Indonesian, where Prannoy lost a crucial point and lost the second game to the Indonesian 21-19.

The third game was the Indonesian way as the Indonesian was scoring points consistently and now the Indian was feeling to be tired and lost his momentum for a fight and handed over the match to the Indonesian 21-11.



Sindhu Marches Into Semi Finals Of The Macau Open 2015

Macau Open

P.V. Sindhu.(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com).

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com).

MACAU: P V Sindhu continued her dream run for retaining her women’s singles title at the Macau Open Grand Prix Gold on Friday as she reached the semifinals with a hard-fought three-game win over China’s Chen Yufei at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion on Friday.

Sindhu defeated Chen 21-13, 18-21, 21-14 in the Quarter Finals match that lasted 54 minutes.

Sindhu is now the lone Indian Survivor left in the tournament after the men’s singles players B. Sai Praneeth and H. S. Prannoy lost their respective matches in the Quarter Finals on Friday.

The two-time World Championship bronze-medallist and a two time defender for this title Sindhu will face Akane Yamaguchi of Japan in the semi Finals on Saturday.

Prannoy Fights His Way To Quarters In 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: One of the Indian contentors H.S. Prannoy fought his way through to the Quarter Finals in the progressing here on Thursday.

H.S. Prannoy.(ImageCourtesy: badminton Photo).

H.S. Prannoy.
(ImageCourtesy: badminton Photo).

Prannoy, was at his best in the match and in the tournament, as it is a rare occurance that a Chinese player is defeated in the 2nd and 3rd games. The Indian fought his way back with the Chinese Bin QIAO and won the match 21-12, 11-21, 19-21. The match lasted for 1 hour and 5 minutes.

The match was started of with the point from Prannoy later Bin equalled the scores at 2-2. It was from here, the chinese raised to a formidable lead and at one point the scores looked 11-3 in favour of Bin. Prannoy was struggling to get the bird right and made many unforced errors. Prannoy could not catch up with Bin as he had already points away from wrapping the first game. The Chinese won 21-12. Prannoy decided to take on Bin in the next two games.

The second game was a crucial game for the Indian. However, the change of sides did the magic for Prannoy, as of now the Chinese was struggling with the bird. Prannoy capitalized on the situation and made a good and quick work on the Chinese to push the game to the decider. Prannoy won the second game 21-11.

It was the third game, that saw the battle between the two. Prannoy went for a early lead of 6-0, which made all the difference. But, Bin soon caught up with Prannoy and levelled thescores at 10-10. It was a neck to neck battle from 10-10 till 17-17. Here Prannoy took a two point lead to 19-17. But the Chinese again put on fight to inch closer to Prannoy at 20-19. Prannoy made his final statement clear with his experience he acquired all these days to outwit the Chinese 21-19.

Prannoy, seeded 7th here, will face next Ihsan Maulana MUSTOFA [16] of Indonesia for a place in the Semi Finals.

Sai Praneeth In Quarter Finals Of The 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: India’s one of the talented and hard working shuttler B. Sai Praneeth sailed comfortably to the Quarter Finals in the Men’s Singles category at the 2015 Macau Open at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, here in Macau on Thursday.

Sai defeated Andre Kurniawan Tedjono of Indonesia in straight games 21-15, 21-6 in just 31 minutes.

B. Sai Praneeth.(Image Courtesy: www.thehindu.com).

B. Sai Praneeth.
(Image Courtesy: www.thehindu.com).

In the first game, Sai began the note 2-0 and was rasing aahead in no time by constantly scoring points. It was like a feeder training acttivity for Sai, as he made use of his hard training here to move up in style and wrap the first game 21-15.

The second game was even more easier for Sai, as the Indonesia was in no mood to play a competitive match against the Indian, and had no answer for Sai’s strokes gave away easy points, just handing over the game to Sai. The Indian won the second game moew comfortably 21-6.

Sai Praneeth, seeded 15th here will face goh soon Huat from China to book his place in the last four.

Sindhu Sails Into the 2015 Macau Open Quarter Finals

Macau Open

MACAU: In the absence of Saina, Sindhu cruised into the Quarter Finals of the progressing 2015 Macau Open here at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion on Thursday.

Sindhu, seeded no 5 here in the tournament found it comfortable against the Indonesian Lindaweni Fanetri and won the match 21-17, 21-18 in 46 minutes.

P.V. Sindhu.(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com).

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com).

In the first game, it was a neck to neck affair till 5-5, after which Linadweni surged past Sindhu and was in constant lead ahead of Sindhu until the Indian caught up and levelled the scores with the Indonesian at 16-16. From here, Sindhu made good use of her experience to move up the ladder by giving a single point to Lindaweni, but wrapping up the first game 21-17.

In the second game, Sindhu was in total control over the game and over the Indonesian, where she did not allow the Indonesian to come near her nad now Sindhu was in constant lead till 15-15 where the Indonesian levelled the scores with Sindhu. But Sindhu already in an advantage of winning the first game kept her nerves under control, did not play any ruthless shots or rushed up, but learnt the game of playing a controlled game under pressure situations and again made her experience accountable by wrapping the second game and the match 21-18.

Sindhu will now meet Chen Yufei of China in her Quarter Finals match on Friday.

Ashwini, Jwala Pair Exits In First Round Of 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: The lone and top women doubles pair from India found it hard to progress to the next round in the progressing 2015 Macau Open at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, here in Macau on Wednesday.

The top pair and the second seed here was bundled out by the unseeded Japanese pair Yuki FUKUSHIMA and Sayaka HIROTA 21-16, 21-15 in just 36 minutes.

Jwala & Ashwini.(Image Courtesy: zeenews.india.com).

Jwala & Ashwini.
(Image Courtesy: zeenews.india.com).

The first game saw a good progress in Jwala, Ashwini pair until 7-7 and after that the girls were not in the game and the Japanese girls were moving ahead of the Indian pair comfortably and won the game 21-16. Even though the Indian pair rallied back to catch up with the Japanese pair, the Japanese pair never let the Indian girls to equalize the scores and that made the difference for the Japanese pair winning the first game 21-16.

In the second game, it was a mere battle fought by the Indian pair. The only time the Two team levelled their scores was at 2-2 when the Indian pair started the lead 2-0 against the Japanese pair. It was the replica of the first game where the Japanese girls bundled the second game and the match at 21-15.

Sai Praneeth Eases Through To Third Round In 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: One of the promising and upcoming young shuttler B. Sai Praneeth found it easy to enter the third round of the Macau Open 2015 Grand Prix Gold tournament here.

Sai beat Artyom SAVATYUGIN of Uzbekisthan in straight games 21-11 21-8 in 24 minutes.

The first game saw Sai going for the early lead to 3-0. Artuom rallied superbly and equalled the scores at 7-7 but, could not keep up the momentum going and could not match with the speed of Sai and went down fighting 21-11.

The second game was far more reliable for Sai as he had his game right from the start of the second game Playeda good controleld game to wrap the second and the match 21-8.

Sai will now face Andre Kurniawan TEDJONO of Indonesia in his third round match.

Sai Praneeth Fights His Way Into 2nd Round Of The 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: One of the promising and upcoming young shuttler B. Sai Praneeth fought his wau through to the second round in the Macau Open 2015 Grand Prix Gold tournament yesterday here.

It was an overwhelming performance of Sai, that saw him through to the second round over a better opponent Fikri Ihsandi HADMADI of Indonesia in one of the best tournaments like this.

Sai beat Fikri in straight games 21-18, 23-21 in 52 minutes.

B. SaiPraneeth.(Image Courtesy: www.mid-day.com).

B. Sai Praneeth.
(Image Courtesy: www.mid-day.com).

From the first game itself, Sai was determined not to give it up and wanted to wrap up the first game in his favour. However he ended up his dream a reality which proved him positive for struggling and winning the second game ans thus wrapping up the match in his favour.

It was Sai, who was riding hight on the initial part of hte game, but however the Indonesian caught the points equalled at various mements with Sai and even went up to a lead 16-13 ahead of Sai. But Sai kept his composure cool and went neck to neck till 18-18. Sai took a three point advantage of 21-18 to wrap up the game in his favour from here.

In the second game, it was a mere battle between the two, however sai was consistently scoring points until the Indonesian caught up with Sai at 14-14 and again at 20-20. Here, the Indonesian notched up a single point to make the score look 20-21. But Sai was in not mood to give up, made the good use of his feet t oburst 3 points i na row from 20-21 to 23-21 and won the second game and the match.

Sai will meet Artyom SAVATYUGIN of Uzbekisthan in his second round match.

Sindhu Into Second Round Of The 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: In the absence of Sain Nehwal, Sindhu has to be fit mentally and had to fight it to enter into the second round of the Macau Open 2015 Grand Prix Gold tournament here.

Sindhu rallied brilliantly and beat KIM Hyo Min of Korea in straight games 21-13, 22-20 in 41 minutes.

P.V. Sindhu.(Image Courtesy: www.enewsinsight.com).

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy: www.enewsinsight.com).

The first game it was Kim who started the note and went to an early lead of 2-0, before Sindhu equalling the scores at 6-6 and from here it was no lookback for Sindhu as she consistently scored points and surged ahead of Kim and wrapped up the first game 21-13.

The second game, Sindhu went for the lead 4-1 ahead of Kim, but Kim caught up with Sindhu at 4-4 and went into the lead for the first time to 11-9, Sindhu finally equalling the scores, both were reluctant t ogive away points afer this and the score s went neck to neck upto 15-15 and even upto 20-20 where the Korean girl tried her best to push the game to the decider, but Sindhu took over the control and scored two quick points to wrap up the game 22-20.

Sindhu will now face Lindaweni FANETRI of Indonesia in her third round match.

Srikant Exits Early At The 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: Top seed K Srikanth was defeated in the first round of USD 120,000 Macau Open Grand Prix Gold 2015 at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, Macau yesterday with a straight game defeat.

K. Srikanth. (Im age Courtesy: www.newdelhitimes.com).

K. Srikanth.
(Image Courtesy: www.newdelhitimes.com).

Srikanth currently ranked at world no.7 and seeded one here, made an early exit in the first round with a 16-21 21-23 loss to Christie Jonatan of Indonesia, ranked 40th in the world.

From the first game itself, Srikanth was under pressure and did little to disturb Jonatan, where Jonatan was in full flow of the game. However, Srikanth equalised the score at 14-14 but, could not get past the Indonesian who gave away only two points to Srikanth to end the first game 21-16.

In the second game, Srikant made an valiant effort to win the game and tried to push the match to a decider to the already set Indonesian. The Indonesian was trailing high until Srikanth equalised the scores at 13-13 after which it was a neck to neck battle till 21-21. Jonatan took two early points from here to 23-21 to end the game and match in his favour, thus eliminating Srikanth.

However, Ajay Jayaram, B. Sai Praneeth and H. S. Prannoy, advanced to the second round.

P.V. Sindhu will play her singles match today.