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Dabur buys Pune Vijetas – PVP buys Hyderabad Hotshots

There is more IBL news coming out now with the owners of two more teams identified.

Dabur - Pune Vijetas Franchise Owner

Dabur – Pune Vijetas Franchise Owner

Dabur has purchased Pune Vijetas and PVP Ventures have been announced as the owners of Hyderabad Hotshots.

We already had rumours that Sahara has purchased Lucknow Warriors and Ness Wadia has purchased Mumbai Masters. There is also rumours that Sachin Tendulkar might but one of the teams, most probably Mumbai Masters. Lets wait and see..


Lets see who gets Karnataka Kings and who gets Rajdhani Smashers.

Stay Tuned

IBL 2013 Schedule Is Here

Indian Badminton League has come out with the schedule of matches for the inaugural edition of IBL in August 2013.

IBL 2013 Schedule

IBL 2013 Schedule

Delhi Smashers will face off with Pune Pistons on the opening day on 14th August, 2013.

The complete schedule is provided below:

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IBL Six Teams Announced for IBL 2013

The IBL has announced the names of the six teams that will be participating in this year’s IBL.

The teams are

Hyderabad – Hyderabad HotShots
Delhi – Krrish Delhi Smashers
Mumbai – Mumbai Masters
Bangalore – Banga Beats
Pune – Pune Pistons and
Lucknow – Lucknow Awadhe Warriors

The dates for the tournament have also been finalised from 14th August 2013 to 31st August 2013.

The complete schedule of all the matches for IBL 2013 is available here

IBL Matches at Bangalore in IBL 2013

For fans in Bangalore, given below is the complete schedule of matches in IBL 2013 in Bangalore:

24th August, 2013: Awadhe Warriors Vs Mumbai Masters at 8pm IST
25th August, 2013: Banga Beats Vs Krrish Delhi Smashers at 8pm IST (Home team Banga Beats are playing on 25th August)
29th August, 2013: Second Semi Final at Bangalore at 8pm IST

For Bangalore Banga Beats fans, a list of IBL matches for Banga Beats team in IBL 2013 is available here

A complete schedule of all matches in IBL 2013 is available here

Bangalore Banga Beats Match Schedule in IBL 2013

For Karnataka Kings Fans, given below is the campaign schedule for Karnataka Kings:
15th August, 2013 8pm IST: Banga Beats vs Mumbai Masters at New Delhi
18th August, 2013 6pm IST: Banga Beats vs Awadhe Warriors at Lucknow
23rd August, 2013 6pm IST: Banga Beats vs Pune Pistons at Pune
25th August, 2013 6pm IST: Banga Beats vs Krrish Delhi Smashers at Bangalore
27th August, 2013 6pm IST: Banga Beats vs Hyderabad Hotshots at Hyderabad

A list of all IBL matches in Bangalore in IBL 2013 is available here

A complete list of all IBL matches and their schedule is available here

Jain International School has been chosen as the school partner for IBL School Programme Bangalore leg.

Shuttle Express - IBLSP - Bangalore - 2013

IBL School Programme – Bangalore