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Badminton Coach Requirement, Dubai – UAE


Job: Found Online.

Requirement: Urgently Required for Al Qudara Sport Club in UAE (Government requirement).

Position: Badminton Coach.

Experience: 3+ years experience as coach (3 to 8 years).

Education: Degree/Diploma in the field.

Functional Area: Sports / Fitness.

Industry: Sports / Fitness.

Job Description: Ability to read and implement lesson plan, Fair knowledge of English & Arabic, First Aid/CPR qualified, Report to the Sports Services Supervisor, Conduct group and personal classes, Comply to the health and safety of the users and the surroundings, Participate and advise on the selection process of the teams, Assist in organizing events and trials, Design individual program sheets.

Salary: Salary range 4500 AED.

Additional Requirements: Food , Accommodation & Other benefits.


If you are interested than send updated CV with all relevant documents on hr20@gheewalajobs.com

Playing Injury Free Badminton

(Image Courtesy: www.physioroom.com).

Badminton may be a age old sport, but Sports injuries are still older with time. Any sportsperson can be injured during his sports life by any means. But, can eventually avoid it too. How? will be your next question, there comes the interaction between the sport and our body mechanics. In Particular badminton is a sport that involves interaction and coordination of almost all important muscles in our body. First of all to notice, passion alone doesn’t drive a badminton player to victory, but also his sports stride without injuries will be the count for his continuous and consistent winning spree.

There are various correct badminton training techniques and correct practicing schedules that avoids a badminton player from injuries. Sports injuries may occur at any part of his sports career.

Most often moving parts in our body are likely to get injured more because of the wear and tear and the stress it absorbs during the play. There are basically 5 parts of our body that is likely to get injured, they are, 1. Ankle, 2. Achilles Tendonitis, 3. Tennis Elbow, 4. Rotator Cuff Injury and 5. Patella Tendonitis.

Physiotherapy exercises are unique for different sports injuries and act to where it has occured in our body.

Once injured, proper recovery time should be provided and then restart at a slow pace based on the reculpturing time, because the injury recovery time is a very hard paced one. one should know the proper ways of avoiding or minimizing the effect of getting injured during his total badminton life time by choosing correct apparels, applying correct procedures

Better late than never,  sports Injuries can be avoided by following the basic sports procedures and recommendations correctly in one’s training and practising schedules, doing warm-up and warm-down exercises correctly after each session, having adequate rest and avoid over doing things are most important factors are involved in making a non-injury prone badminton player which otherwise will have compelling effects over one’s performance.

Badminton Stretching Exercises

Badminton, once a leisure sport has now crossed many milestones to become more competitive and one of the fast paced sport. This is evident from the fact, the badminton shuttlecock clocked the maximun speed when compared to other sports. For anyone who endures the passion for Badminton should compulsorily undergo the recommended level of badminton fitness or badminton training, practicing badminton stretching exercises in the long run over a period of time gets you fit for playing badminton.

Basically, for playing badminton, one should compulsarily acquire badminton training and badminton fitness to improve Speed, Strength, Flexibility, power and endurance. There are seperate training and fitness regims to master these seperately and these can be acquired both on-court (i.e) training with multi shuttles and off-court (i.e) running, cycling, swimming etc. However the level of fitness depends on the level we play (i.e) Club level, district or state level etc., Each level requires its own fitness recommendations.

To play badminton at the highest level, proper badminton training, badminton fitness has to be evidently acquired and added to our body in equal proportions, for which a correct badminton coach is an important factor.

The best time to stretch a muscle is after it has an increased blood flow and has increased temperature to avoid injury.

For winning at the highest level, apart from dedication, perseverance, hard work etc., Proper warm-up exercises makes your mind and body ready for the badminton sport and most importantly avoids the risk of getting injuries.

Warm-up stretching2
Warm-up Stretching Exercises.
(Image Courtesy: http://bishopswalthambc.com/)

Warm-up exercises are usually done by brisk walking, cycling or jogging or running for 5 to 10 minutes, compulsarily associating it with warm-up stretching exercises. Then starts your actual training schedule (both on-court or off-court). Likewise, after the actual badminton training or badminton fitness is done, warm-down should be compulsarily done and is usually done to bring back your mind and body to the normal state by slow walking or jogging for some 5 minutes, compulsarily associating it with warm-down stretching exercises.

Warm-down Stretches
Warm-down Stretching Exercises.
(Image Courtesy: peterbadminton.blogspot.com)

These warm-up and warm-down exercises for badminton should be compulsarily done before and after badminton fitness and badminton training regims to make our body fit and equip oneself for the badminton sport to smash at the hardest level!