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Tanvi Lad Loses In Second Round At The Scottish Open 2015 GP

Scottish Open 2015

GLASGOW: The women’s singles category for India came to an end when Thanvi Lad lost to the Spainard Beatriz Corrales [2] in a three game battle in the Emirates Arena here at the Scottish Open 2015 GP.

Tanvi Lad.(Image Courtesy: indiaatsports.in).

Tanvi Lad.
(Image Courtesy: indiaatsports.in).

Tanvi struggled to take the first game 21-18. However it was the spainard who took full control of the next two games to defeat Tanvi 21-14, 21-15.

Tanvi was much more in control of the first game, when she surged past teh spainard after leveling the scores @ 8-8. Tanvi kept an eye on each and every point she played and was always in lead ahead of the spainard that let Tanvi clinch the first game.

It was change of sides in the second that made Tanvi lose her momentum and till 5-5, but could not control the shots by giving away easy points to the spainard to push the game to the decider in favour of Spainard. Corrales won the second comfortably 21-14.

The third game also witnessed the same aftermath effect of the second game from Tanvi as she fought wit hthe Spainard and equalled the scores till 3-3, after which it was the Spainard who played consistent rallies and took points and surged well ahead Tanvi to pocket the game and the match, thus ending India’s hopes in the women’s singles category. Corrales won the third ga,e 21-15.

BWF-Scottish Open Grand Prix 2015, Glasgow – Scotland

Scottish Open 2015

Day 4, 21-Nov-2015, Quarter Finals:

Men’s Singles:

  1. Anand Pawar [11] lost to Hans-Kristian Vittinghus [1] of Denmark 12-21, 21-10, 21-13.

Men’s Doubles:

  1. Mann Attri/B. Sumeet Reddy pair lost to Andrew Ellis [5]/Peter Mills of England 21-17, 21-15.

Day 3, 20-Nov-2015, Pre Quarter Finals:

Men’s Singles:

Anand Pawar.(Image Courtesy: sports.ndtv.com).

Anand Pawar.
(Image Courtesy: sports.ndtv.com).

1. Anand Pawar [11] won against Dieter Domke of Germany 21-13, 21-13.

Men’s Doubles:

Manu Atri & B. Sumeet Reddy.(Image Courtesy: jangidgaurav.wordpress.com).

Manu Attri & B. Sumeet Reddy.
(Image Courtesy: jangidgaurav.wordpress.com).

1. Mann Attri/B. Sumeet Reddy pair won against Christopher Coles England/Jelle Maas Netherlands 17-21, 21-17, 21-14.

Day 2, 19-Nov-2015, Round Two:

Men’s Singles:

Anand Pawar.

1. Anand Pawar [11] won against Alen Roj of Slovenia 21-17, 21-15.

Women’s Singles:
1. Tanvi Lad lost to Beatriz Corrales [2] of Spain 18-21, 21-14, 21-15.

Men’s Doubles:

Sumeet & Manu

(Image Courtesy: newschoupal.com).

1. Mann Attri/B. Sumeet Reddy pair won against Bastian Kersaudy/Gaetan Mittelheisser of France 21-14, 17-21, 21-17.
2. Venkatesh Prasad/Jagadish Yadav lost against Baptiste Careme [8]/Ronan Labar of France 21-9, 21-11.
Day 1, 18-Nov-2015, Round One:

Men’s Singles:

Anand Pawar.(Image Courtesy: www.mumbaimirror.com).

Anand Pawar.
(Image Courtesy: www.mumbaimirror.com).

1. Anand Pawar [11] won against Scotland’s Kieran Merrilees 21-18, 21-18 .
2. Aditya Prakash lost to Sam Parsons of England 21-4, 22-20.

List of Indian Participants:

Men Singles:


(Image Courtesy: m.deccanherald.com).

(Image Courtesy: m.deccanherald.com).

1. Anand Pawar [11].
2. Aditya Prakash.

Women Singles:

(Image Courtesy: www.quora.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.quora.com).

1. Tanvi Lad.

Men Doubles:

(Image Courtesy: Youtube.com).

(Image Courtesy: Youtube.com).

1. Mannu Attri/B. Sumeeth Reddy.
2. Jagadish yadav/Venkatesh Prasad.

Women Doubles:
No Entries.

Mixed Doubles:

tarun-sikki reddy

(Image Courtesy: sportsrediscovered.com).

1. Tarun Kona/Nelakurihi Sikki Reddy.

About the Tournament:

Tournament Name: BWF-Scottish Open Grand Prix 2015.

Category: Grand Prix.

Venue: Emirates Arena.

City: Glasgow.

Country: Scotland.

Events: MS, WS, MD, WD, XD.

Tournament Dates: 18-November-2015 to 22-November-2015.

Prize Money: USD50,000.