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Badminton Racquet Review: Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000

Pro-Kennex.Mbr> (ImageCourtesy: www.bedmintonove-potreby.sk).

Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000.
(ImageCourtesy: www.bedmintonove-potreby.sk).

This racquet is an head heavy racquet with a stiff shaft and Pro-Kennex brand brings back memories. It’s the first brand of racquets who ever playing badminton owned.

The spiral graphite adds to the stiffness of the racket, and it gives us a good feel when you hit the shuttle, especially when you’re playing doubles near the net. This is a classy doubles badminton racquet.

Since this racquet is light weight, it makes us difficult to play back to back clear near to the back tramlines.

This racquet was fast in defense because of the 4U weight that was also the reason why it couldn’t clear far.

This extra weight at the top of the racquet was all it too to slow down the defensive swings considerably. The Pro-Kennex X2 9000 is able to delivery quality smashes down the line.

This racquet is equipped with “Power Wedges” (same as Yonex Voltric’s Tri-Voltage weight system) at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions with the lead weight of much help to those who smash along the way.

But the Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000 is really fast when it’s at the front of the net, intercepting and getting them check and getting the wrist smashes in.

The drive attacks seem to take a back seat, because of its light weight it will be difficult to generate treat to these drives. So, its better to smash and play drop shots.

The spiral graphite used to make the shaft adds plenty to control at the front court.

Badminton Racquet Overview – Li-Ning Woods N90

LiNing Woods N-90.(Image Courtesy: racquetforce.com).

LiNing Woods N-90.
(Image Courtesy: racquetforce.com).

This racquet is basically used for singles play.

This racquet is basically built with a heavy head and you can feel the gravity pull of the racquet towards the ground while holding it. This racquet best suits to those who has additional skills to use this racquet.

This racquet is less a defensive than an offensive one. In other words, this racquet can be sued to redirect the smashes hit to you to varous positions if you have the skill to use this racquet and more comfortable only if you know exactly how to use this racquet for an offense. this is beacuse this racquet has a stiff shaft and those going for power can opt for a lighter and less stiff racket that will no doubt increase your game play better than the Li-Ning Woods N90

Since, this racquet has a heavy head and dtiff shaft, the power is more and delivers maximum power to the shots.

One specific disadvantage it that this racquet is not recommended for wrist players as the stiffness of the racket runs down to the handle, and this in turn will pull your wrist down much more than the other attacking racquets.

The Li-Ning Woods N90 will injure your wrist if you don’t practice caution.

The extreme weight distribution of the racket is also not one to be disregarded. After a few long rallies you can feel the acid build up in your arms and making the next shot that little bit harder. By the end of the session, you’ll notice a loss in shot power and distance.

The N90 racquet has enormous control and a high level of precision that is very much desirable can dictate the pace of the game.

Alternative clears, drop shots, pushes and  were all very well-executed as I used all four corners of the court to my whim. The Li-Ning N90 accords me a level of control comparable to my even balanced rackets like the Yonex ArcSaber.

One thing to notice is that while playing backhands, the stiffness of the racquet works against you here requiring almost perfect technique to execute.

This racquet works extremely well for pushes to the corner after the defensive game and turning the game to a offensive one with a block.

The N90 is with a simple design. The paint work is definitely not tactical to its potential.

The N90 can take down its user as fast as it worries its opponents!

Hitting The Shuttle To The Diagonals


You can make your opponent to move to the longest possible distance by moving him along a long diagonal.

This is a simple methodology invoved here to gain control over the rally, but consumes more energy for both the players. If you are sure with teh strokes, then it will pave way for a point, if not you may hit the bird out and gain point to your opponent.

By making your opponent move to the longest possible distance you start to apply movement pressure over him, because it forces your opponent to move the greatest possible distance. While making your opponent cover the longest distance repeatedly makes him more tired, because he has to cover the longer distance. You can even make him move fast over the long distance by hitting a offensive clear or punch clear and then playing a slow drop so that he has to lunge forward to get his shot right.

By mixing up the diagonal shots, you tend to have more control over the game and the opponent.