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Badminton Racquet Review – Yonex Nanospeed 9900

Yonex Nanospeed 9900.  (Image Courtesy: www.yonexusa.com).

Yonex Nanospeed 9900.
(Image Courtesy: www.yonexusa.com).

All Yonex top of the range racquets have a stiff shaft. This racquet is certainly no lightweight when delivering power from the back of the court. the Yonex Nanospeed 9900 is a very good racquet. The technology behind this racquet has created a very strong but light head delivering tremendous speed and power.

The composition of the head as well as the shaft is the same i.e., H.M (High Modulus Graphite) and X-Fullerene. The technologies applied to this racquet is X-Fullerene, Isometric, Built in T-joint, Nanoscale Fullerene, C.S. Cap. The strings are Yonex Nanogy98 with Tension 26lbs. The racquet has a dominant color, black. Red is present at 10 and 2 o’clock positions.

The flex of the racquet is rated extra stiff which is accurate. The racquet has a solid feel. The speed at which the head swings is extremely fast. For less advance players, this can cause some pain in your wrist and shoulders. The racquet has an aerodynamic slim head which translates into superfast reaction and swing speed. Baseline to baseline hits is comfortable and the placement, accurate.

This racquet has a combination of the power of a head heavy racquet and speed of a headlight racquet.

Backhand serves, Drives, both offensive and defensive drives are excellent due to headlight balance. Forehand high serve goes high and far. Has an excellent backhand defense. This racquet is like a wall to repel steep smashes and easy to backhand lift all the way to the backcourt. The new CS cap and the long handle allows thumb grip for faster reaction time and easier for netkills. Moreover the the clear and smashes are excellent.

Definitely this racquet has the fastest racquet head swing when compared with the rest of the NanoSpeed Series. Combined with the extra stiffness of the shaft, this racquet can really sting with smashes and drives.

Badminton Racquet Review: Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000

Pro-Kennex.Mbr> (ImageCourtesy: www.bedmintonove-potreby.sk).

Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000.
(ImageCourtesy: www.bedmintonove-potreby.sk).

This racquet is an head heavy racquet with a stiff shaft and Pro-Kennex brand brings back memories. It’s the first brand of racquets who ever playing badminton owned.

The spiral graphite adds to the stiffness of the racket, and it gives us a good feel when you hit the shuttle, especially when you’re playing doubles near the net. This is a classy doubles badminton racquet.

Since this racquet is light weight, it makes us difficult to play back to back clear near to the back tramlines.

This racquet was fast in defense because of the 4U weight that was also the reason why it couldn’t clear far.

This extra weight at the top of the racquet was all it too to slow down the defensive swings considerably. The Pro-Kennex X2 9000 is able to delivery quality smashes down the line.

This racquet is equipped with “Power Wedges” (same as Yonex Voltric’s Tri-Voltage weight system) at the 2 and 10 o’clock positions with the lead weight of much help to those who smash along the way.

But the Pro-Kennex Nano X2 9000 is really fast when it’s at the front of the net, intercepting and getting them check and getting the wrist smashes in.

The drive attacks seem to take a back seat, because of its light weight it will be difficult to generate treat to these drives. So, its better to smash and play drop shots.

The spiral graphite used to make the shaft adds plenty to control at the front court.

Badminton Racquet Review: Yonex Voltric 60

Voltric60. (ImageCourtesy: www.badmintonalley.com).

(ImageCourtesy: www.badmintonalley.com).

This racquet is built normally for a low Internediate player who is about to learn the essentials of defense and control. This is an excellecnt defensive racquet, it has a very good feel while playing the defensive drives and clears.

This racquet is made up of a light weight frame, which gives you a quick response time with a quick swing speed. The control in the racquet is good, as with a small grip, and with such a quick response time, you can make use of your wrist to change directions for replies.

This racquet also has a good defensive line-up like lifts, net block, drives at an comfortable level.

The racquet also has a Tri-Voltage system like any other voltric models, as i said before a slim shaft and a sound filter which assumes that most of the noise while hitting the shuttle is filtered with a crisp and clear sound when the shuttle hits the string bed.

These racquets have a great control while playing the shuttle over the corners. Other added advantages are, it has a comfortable Net play, good fast drops and net returns are also comparatively easier than other racquets.

Since the racquet has more control, deceptions, double motions or trick shots are easily played.

The Voltric 60 offers probably the highest level of control. With this ease of control you are bound to have a better footwork and a clearer mind when playing.

So, on an average, this racquet has good control and defensive characterstics.

Yonex Nanoray 700RP Racquet Review

Nanoray 700 RP. (Image Courtesy: www.badlab.de).

Nanoray 700 RP.
(Image Courtesy: www.badlab.de).

Yonex Nanoray 700 RP (Repulsion) is a racquet designed for those players who want to encounter the smashes and those fast shots with their quick reflexes and you enough speed to tackle even the hardest smashes.

Nanoray 700 RP is even balance and its basically a all round racquet and has a brilliant defense when waiting for the big smash and then diverting it away where the opponent can’t reach. These are head light racquets and normally have a stiff shaft for better wrist work.

That’s what a Yonex Nanoray 700RP precisily does.

The Nanoray 700 series comes in two variants, RP (repulsion) and FX (flex). The RP-Repulsion model has a stiff shaft for wrist movements and quick swings and the flex model, slightly more flexible for long swingers.

The width of the head frame is thick. This thick frame seems to be lending more power to the shots thus allowing for better shot placement.

This is an excellent racquet for doubles as this counter defend tehose huge smashes and direct them where you want!

Usually Head light rackets are amazing when it comes to defending so is Yonex Nanoray 700 RP.

Going along the lines of the fast lifting speed, the Nanoray 700RP’s quickness also translates to when you’re receiving smashes.

The biggest problems with head light rackets is the lack of weight in the front, and that means that your defense will not usually go as far as you want to without a little more effort. However, the Yonex Nanoray 700RP because of the stiff shaft gives you the added power to push the shuttle higher off a defensive stroke.

This racquet is also good for smashing. But don’t compare it with the Voltrics or Armortec’s or slightly lacks from these models. However, it’s got a similar feel to the N90 when you come for a smash and there’s a solid feel of the smash as each smash from the racquet transmits the power from your stroke onto the attacking shuttle because of the stiff shaft architecture.

This racquet is excellent for those fast overhead shots as well once again because of the stiff shaft which allows for very quick energy transfer from the wrist without losing too much to the flex. This really helpful when you want to whip the head around the shuttle at net height.

The drives (defense and offense) are very fast, and you recover quickly because of the weight of the racket head, ready to intercept any potential counter drive or push that your opponent might have.

Being light around the head also gives you a very good maenurability hence be able to contact the shuttle ahead of your usual height. This usually helps if you’re going up for the net kill.

Last but not least, the most important spec of a racquet is that the Yonex Nanoray 700RP gives you superb control, it’s almost perfect.

The NR700RP speed and accuracy allows for a very tactical play.

Yonex Armortec 900 Technique Badminton Racquet

Armortec 900 Technique.  (Image Courtesy: www.badminton-tennis.com).

Armortec 900 Technique.
(Image Courtesy: www.badminton-tennis.com).

The Armortec 900 Power and Technique are two awesome racquets develpoed by Yonex. Actually speaking the mani difference bwteen the two racquets is that Armortec 900 Power is developed for players who want to deliver with more power and show aggresiveness and Techniques constructions is more of technique and defense.

Armortec power 900 is more stiffer than Armortec Technique.

Armortec Technique can be used a doubles racquet and for good defense. It’s got a fast swing for a and the blocks that come off the racket are pretty good and provides enough power behind the lifts.

Intercepting flat smashes with a drive defense using this racquet is an added advantage.

For overhead smashes the Armortec 900 Technique performs equally good like the Armortec 900 Power since the Technique also has a heavy head and has a fast racquet swing speed like the Armortec 900 power and capable of hitting smashes from the rear court.

Drives with this racquet are enjoyable as well.