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Badminton Racquet Review: Yonex Voltric 60

Voltric60. (ImageCourtesy: www.badmintonalley.com).

(ImageCourtesy: www.badmintonalley.com).

This racquet is built normally for a low Internediate player who is about to learn the essentials of defense and control. This is an excellecnt defensive racquet, it has a very good feel while playing the defensive drives and clears.

This racquet is made up of a light weight frame, which gives you a quick response time with a quick swing speed. The control in the racquet is good, as with a small grip, and with such a quick response time, you can make use of your wrist to change directions for replies.

This racquet also has a good defensive line-up like lifts, net block, drives at an comfortable level.

The racquet also has a Tri-Voltage system like any other voltric models, as i said before a slim shaft and a sound filter which assumes that most of the noise while hitting the shuttle is filtered with a crisp and clear sound when the shuttle hits the string bed.

These racquets have a great control while playing the shuttle over the corners. Other added advantages are, it has a comfortable Net play, good fast drops and net returns are also comparatively easier than other racquets.

Since the racquet has more control, deceptions, double motions or trick shots are easily played.

The Voltric 60 offers probably the highest level of control. With this ease of control you are bound to have a better footwork and a clearer mind when playing.

So, on an average, this racquet has good control and defensive characterstics.