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Badminton Racquet Review – Yonex Arcsaber 11

YONEX-ARCSABER-11.(Image Courtesy: racquetnetwork.com).

(Image Courtesy: racquetnetwork.com).

The Arcsaber 11 uses a new Yonex developed alloy called “Sonic Metal”, which is first debuted in the Yonex five star range and has a thin and stiff shaft aiding to its aerodynamic fast swing to obtain power.

With the stiff shaft and more balanced than the voltric racuqets, the Arcsaber 11 relies on your arm swing and muscular strength if you want to get a good hard smash. While the slightly head is slightly heavy and add the extra power to your smashes.

Clears to the back of the court are effortless and more importantly accurate so that one can hit the shuttle to any corner he wants with relative accuracy to the line.

Net drops are sweetly placed and also adventurous.

The Arcsaber 11 is in the top range of the Arcsaber range. i.e. a racquet that is meant to do everything well. The Arcsaber 11 does exactly this and also supports the player looking for extra power.

Hitting The Shuttle To The Middle Of The Court

Hittin To The Middle Of The Court.(Image Courtesy: harmoneerhard.blogspot.com).

Hitting To The Middle Of The Court.
(Image Courtesy: harmoneerhard.blogspot.com).

As a good professional player one should play shots or replies towards the four corners. However, it is better or best sometimes to play a shot to the center or to the middle to change teh game plan and is mostly used in defense.

Actually speaking, hitting to the corners gives your opponent better angles for his shot placement. when your opponent plays a straight drop shot, if you reply with a net at the middle, you can cover both the angles easily (straight drop and cross court drop) and since, the shuttlecock is in the middle, your opponent’s shot angles are less dangerous.

As a general rule, play to the corners when your opponent has a slight advantage and When your opponent has a strong advantage, you should play to the middle to limit his shot angles.

The best example being, always play high serves should always be played to the middle. Because, if you play a high serve to a corner, your opponent will have plenty of time to move into the corner and get behind the shuttlecock and gives your opponent the best angles of attack.

The same logic applies to very high lifts and clears (for defensive purpose). If you play a very high lift or clear or a high serve play it to the middle.