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Badminton Racquet Review – Yonex Flashboost

yonex Arcsaber Flashboost.(Image Courtesy: badminton-coach.co.uk).

yonex Arcsaber Flashboost.
(Image Courtesy: badminton-coach.co.uk).

In 2013 Yonex surprised us all by launching two additional racquets in the Arcsaber range, namely Arcsaber 11 and the unusually named Arcsaber Flashboost.

This racquet weighs an incredible 73g, factory strung with Yonex BG65Ti and lightning fast at the net, better than a Nanospeed 9900.

You had to know where you intended to hit the shuttle because it was harder to feel the shot. So, every element of overhead technique had to work well because there
was little weight in the head to really feel it.

Moving onto drop shots, Arcsaber Flashboost performed pretty well with a high degree of precision and touch. It felt good to perform shots at a different pace and it was fun to throw an extra fast drop in occasionally for no other reason other than you can. The light frame here works well and because of the weight it’s harder to notice any drag. But, it didn’t have that crispness I got from Z Force.

Rather than expecting a really fast swing and good solid smash, could hit a better wristy stick smash than a full smash.

Flat rallies were easy to control and there is enough power from the racquet to give as good as you get.

This racquet performs better in mid-court forward, this covers defence, flat exchanges, pushes, blocks and everything around the net. Where it is weaker is at the
rear court.

I can see a lot of ladies loving this racquet because it’s so light and does the things they are expected to do in mixed doubles very well indeed.

Defensive Angles And Shots

Defense.(Image Courtesy: www.how-to-play-badmnton.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.how-to-play-badmnton.com).

The main idea of defensive shots are more about finding the gap wherever it might be and to deceive your opponent fora weak reply or with a no reply.

If the smashers are able to smash striaght, they can easily cover these shots. so, straight shots, are best defensive when played cross court.

Lifts should always be played to a corner and never to the middle. If you lift
to the middle, then they will smash down the middle, making it almost impossible for you to find an effective reply.

Always lift the shuttle away from your opponent, so that he moves to play a shot. If you lift to the same corner each time, it’s much easier for him to get into a good smashing position.

Always, the straight defender should play cross court drives, and the cross court defender should play straight drives. In both these cases, the defender must be aware of the opponent standing in the front. He must be careful not to allow the front attacker to intercept the drive. However, a straight drive to the opponent’s backhand can be safer than a cross court drive to his forehand. Always remember to play the drives away from the front defender. Drives are usually best played straight.

Unlike drives, blocks to the centre can be effective, because it limits his possible net shot angles and you may be able to cover all his net shot replies.

The cross court defender should almost always play his net shots straight.