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Sameer Verma wins Singles title in Bahrain

Victor-Rayan Baharain International Series 2015

BAHRAIN: Sameer Verma won his Men’s singles title by clinching the Bahrain International Challenge at Isa Town.

Sameer beat Singapore’s Zi Lian Derek Wong 21-14, 21-10 to make it two in a row at the Bahrain International Series 2015.

Sameer, Seeded 11th in the tournament, took just 27 minutes to clinch his Men’s Singles title.

Sameer Verma..(www.ahmedabadmirror.com).

Sameer Verma.

The Indian also defeated and was in superb touch when he won his countryman and ended the dream run of Rahul Yadav Chittaboina, winning the match 21-13, 21-17 in the semifinals in 38 minutes.

In the quarterfinals, it is remarkable to note Sameer outsed the top seed in this tournament and world number 42 Tien Minh Nguyen 17-21, 21-14, 21-9. The match lasted for an hour and one minute to be precise.

Speaking about his good show in Bahrain, Sameer said, “I am really happy with the way I have been able to play over the last two weeks. There were some tough matches especially the quarterfinals against (Tien Minh) Ngyen and I am happy to have won. After these victories, I hope that I can continue my good form through the year.”

Verma, Rane Enter Finals Of The Bahrain International Challenge 2015

Victor-Rayan Baharain International Series 2015

NAGPUR: Sameer Verma and Saili Rane caused big upsets to enter the semifinals of the Bahrain International Challenge Badminton tournament at Isa Town, Bahrain, on Thursday.

Sameer Verma.(Image Courtesy: www.youtube.com).

Sameer Verma.
(Image Courtesy: www.youtube.com).

Verma, who had triumphed earlier in the Victor-Rayan Bahrain International Series last week, fought back valiently to stun top seed Tien Minh Nguyen of Vietnam 17-21, 21-14, 21-9 in an exciting men’s singles quarterfinal, which lasted 61 minutes.

He then defeated fellow countryman C Rahul Yadav to seal his place in the finals. Sameer, seeded 11 in the tournament will now face Zi Liang Derek Wong of Indonesia, seeded four here for the title clash on saturday.

In the women’s singles, Saili Rane unseeded here in the tournament did with an upset win over seventh seed Petya Nedelcheva ranked at world No. 45 of Bulgaria 21-18, 16-21, 21-19 in a marathon quarterfinal which lasted for an hour and 17 minutes.

Saili Rane.(Image Courtesy: mbl2012.htba.in).

Saili Rane.
(Image Courtesy: mbl2012.htba.in).

Saili, world No. 58 presently, clashed with Indonesia’s Gabriela Meilani Moningka in the semifinal. However, the Indian made a mark by winning the match 19-21, 21-13, 21-13 in 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Saili, started a shaky first game and gave away points to the Indonesian. After found the rhythm right, Saili tried to catch up with the indonesian to finsh of the first game, but Meilani was in a good position to finish off the first game in her favour.

In the second game, Saili played one of her best game realizing the game situation, rallied superbly to push the game to a decider.

In the decider also, it was Saili who was in charge of the game and never let the Indonesian to come near her and pocketed the decider 21-13 to enter into her final berth.

Saili Rane will now face Nitchaon Jindapol [5], of Thailand for a title clash.

Bahrain International Challenge 2015, Isa Town – Bahrain

Baharain International Series 2015

Day 5, (07-November-2015), Finals:

Men’s Singles:
1. Sameer Verma [11] defeated Zi Liang Derek Wong [4] of Indonesia in straight sets 21-14, 21-10 to clinch the title.

Women’s Singles:
1. Saili Rane lost to Nitchaon Jindapol [5] of Thailand 24-22, 21-10.
Day 4, (06-November-2015), Semi Finals:

Men’s Singles:
1. Sameer Verma [11] defeated Rahul Yadav Chittaboina also from India 21-13, 21-17.

Women’s Singles:
1. Saili Rane won against Gabriela Meilani Moningka of Indonesia 19-21, 21-13, 21-13.

Men’s Doubles:
1. Pranaav Jerry Chopra [2]/Akshay Dewalkar went down fighting to Wannawat Ampunsuwan/Tinn Isriyanate of Thailand 22-24, 21-18, 22-20.

Women’s Doubles:
1. K. Maneesha/Nelakurihi Sikki Reddy lost to Thailand’s Chaladchalam Chayanit/Phataimas Muenwong 21-15, 21-16.

Mixed Doubles:
1. Arun Vishnu [4]/Aparna Balan lost to Danny Bawa Chrisnanta [1]/Yu Yan Vanessa Neo of Indonesia 21-16, 21-19.

Day 3, (05-November-2015), Quarter Finals:

Men’s Singles:
1. Sameer Verma [11] defeated Tien Minh Nguyen [1] of Vietnam 17-21, 21-14, 21-9.
2. R. M. V. Gurusaidutt [2] lost to Martin Giuffre [14] of Canada 21-17, 9-21, 21-18.
3. Rahul Yadav Chittaboina defeated Pratul Joshi also of India 23-21, 12-21, 21-12.

Women’s Singles:
1. Saili Rane defeated Bulgaria’s Petya Nedelcheva [7] 21-18, 16-21, 21-19.

Men’s Doubles:
1. Pranaav Jerry Chopra [2]/Akshay Dewalkar defeated Muhammad Fachrikar/Muhammad Reza Pahlevi Isfahani of Indonesia 25-27, 24-22, 21-8.

Women’s Doubles:
1. Dhanya Nair/Mohita Sahdev lost to Chaladchalam Chayanit/Phataimas Muenwong of Thailand 21-7 21-12.
2. K. Maneesha/Nelakurihi Sikki Reddy won against Thailand’s Natcha Saengchote/Kornkamon Sukklad pair 21-12, 21-17.

Mixed Doubles:
1. Arun Vishnu [4]/Aparna Balan defeated Tinn Isriyanate/Pacharapun Chochuwong of Thailand 21-15, 17-21, 21-19.
2. Pranaav Jerry Chopra/K. Maneesha lost to Bodin Issara/Savitree Amitrapai of Thailand 20-22, 21-17, 21-12.

Day 2, (04-November-2015):

Men’s Singles (First round):
1. Kaushal Dharmamer defeated Indra Bagus Ade Chandra [13] of Italy 21-19, 21-16.

Men’s Singles (Second Round):
1. Subhankar Dey defeated James Varghese of bahrain 21-2, 21-9.
2. Sameer Verma [11] defeated Arjun Karnavar of Bahrain 21-5, 21-2.
3. Pratul Joshi defeated Alen Roj of Slovenia 21-16, 21-17.
4. Rahul Yadav Chittaboina defeated Howard Shu [8] of U.S.A 21-13, 12-21, 21-16.
5. Abhishek Yelegar lost to Maxime Moreels [16] of Belgium 21-19, 21-17.
6. Aditya Joshi defeated Frell Keeyann Gabuelo of Philippines 21-11, 21-9.
7. R. M. V. Gurusaidutt [2] defeated Slovakia’s Jarolim Vicen 21-17, 21-6.

Men’s Singles (Third Round):
1. Sameer Verma [11] defeated Subhankar Dey also from India 21-13, 21-9.
2. Rahul Yadav Chittaboina defeated Ygor Coelho De Oliveira [9] of Brazil 12-21, 22-20, 22-20.
3. Kaushal Dharmamer lost to Tien Minh Nguyen [1] of Vietnam 21-11, 21-12.
4. R. M. V. Gurusaidutt [2] defeated Aditya Joshi 21-11, 21-17.
5. Pratul Joshi defeated Spain’s Pablo Abian [3] 21-18, 17-21, 21-16.

Women’s Singles (First Round):
1. Saili Rane came the better of Turkey’s Ozge Bayrak 21-14, 21-15.
2. Lalita Dahiya lost to Nitchaon Jindapol [5] of Thailand 21-12, 21-8.
3. P. C. Thulasi lost to Iris Wang [2] of U.S.A. 21-16, 21-17.

Women’s Singles (Second Round):
1. Saili Rane defeated U.S.A’s Rong Schafer [3] 21-14, 21-15.

Men’s Doubles (Second Round):
1. Vineeth Manuel/S. Sanjeeth lost to Jaffer Ebrahim/Heri Setiawan of Bahrain 21-15, 21-17.
2. Pranaav Jerry Chopra [2]/Akshay Dewalkar defeated Watchara Buranakuea/Parinyawat Thongnuam Thailand 21-18, 21-18.

Women’s Doubles:
1. Daksha Gautam/Seema Panchal lost to Nadine Ashraf/Menna Eltanany of Egypt 21-11, 18-21, 21-6.
2. K. Maneesha/Nelakurihi Sikki Reddy defeated Zarra Faza Azka/Phita Haningtyas Mentari of Indonesia 21-13, 21-16.
3. Komal Antil/Lalita Dahiya lost to Natcha Saengchote/Kornkamon Sukklad of Thailand 21-5, 21-6.
4. Dhanya Nair/Mohita Sahdev lost to Anza Abdulrahim/Sapna Prabhu of Bahrain 21-4, 21-3.

Mixed Doubles (First Round):
1. Arun Vishnu [4]/Aparna Balan defeated Muhammad Reza Pahlevi Isfahani/Zarra Faza Azka of Indonesia 21-10, 21-12.
2. Dinesh Chaudhry/Lalita Dahiya Retired hurt to Artyom Savatyugin Uzbekistan/Alesia Zaitsava Belarus 2-1.

Day 1, (03-November-2015):

Men’s singles (qualification):

1. Rahul Yadav Chittaboina defeated Nadeem Nahaz of Bahrain 21-11, 21-19.

Men’s Singles (First round):
1. Subhankar Dey defeated Bahrain’s Elyas Jaffar 21-9, 21-8.
2. Sameer Verma [11] defeated Subhash Aroliveettil of Bahrain 21-4, 21-9.
3. Harsheel Dani defeated Vishnu Sreekumar of Bahrain 21-11, 21-12.
4. Pratul Joshi defeated Jacob Maliekal [12] of South Africa 21-17, 21-18.
5. Abhishek Yelegar defeated Uzbekistan’s Oleg Savatugin 21-11, 21-7.
6. C. Rohit Yadav lost to Vladimir Malkov [5] of Russia 21-10, 21-15.
7. Shreyansh Jaiswal lost to Yang Chih Hsun of Chinese Taipei 18-21, 21-18, 21-18.
8. Abhimanyu Singh gave a walkover to Joshua Yap Zhe Bin of Bahrain.
9. Aditya Joshi won against Italy’s Rosario Maddaloni [15] 21-14, 21-15.
10. Rahul Yadav Chittaboina won against Sarang Lakhanee 20-22, 24-22, 21-15.

Women’s singles:
No match.

Men’s Doubles (First Round):
1. M. Anilkumar Raju/Venkat Gaurav Prasad gave a walkover to Pak Chuu Chow/Kay Ee Yeoh of Malaysia.
2. Vineeth Manuel/S. Sanjeeth got a walkover from Aditya Nair/Neeraj Rehman.
3. Pranaav Jerry Chopra [2]/Akshay Dewalkar beat Bahrain’s Arjun Karnavar/Junith Mottil 21-4, 21-7.

Women’s Doubles:
No Match.

Mixed Doubles:
No Match.

List of Participants:

Men Singles:


(Image Courtesy: www.sakaaltimes.com, mbl2012.htba.in, mybadmintonbook.blogspot.com, www.youtube.com, epaper.timesofindia.com, www.thehindu.com).

  1. C. Rohit Yadav.
  2. Rahul Yadav Chittaboina.
  3. Harsheel Dani.
  4. Subankar Dey.
  5. Kaushal Dharmamer.
  6. Shreyansh Jaiswal.
  7. Aditya Joshi.
  8. Pratul Joshi.
  9. K. Ajay  Kumar.
  10. Sarang Lakhanee.
  11. Anand Pawar.
  12. R. M. V. Gurusai Dutt.
  13. Abhimanuyu Singh.
  14. Sameer Verma.
  15. Abhishek Yelegar.

Women Singles:

Rasika Raje

Rasika Raje, Saili Rane, P. C. Thulasi.
(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com, www.mid-day.com).

  1. Lalitha Dhayia.
  2. P. C. Thulasi.
  3. Rasika Raje.
  4. Saili Rane.

 Men Doubles:

Image Courtesy: Youtube.com

Manu Attri & B. Sumeet Reddy.
(Image Courtesy: Youtube.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.tribuneindia.com).

Akshay Dewalkar & Pranav Jerry Chopra.
(Image Courtesy: www.tribuneindia.com).

  1. Manu Attri/B. Sumeet Reddy.
  2. Akahay Dewalkar/Pranav Jerry Chopra.
  3. Arun Vishnu/Alwin Francis.
  4. Venkat Gaurav Prasad/M. Anilkumar Raju.
  5. Vineeth Manuel/S. Sanjeeth.
  6. Neeraj Rehman/Aditya nair.

Women Doubles:

Aparna Balan &Prajktha Sawant.

Aparna Balan & Prajktha Sawant.
(ImageCourtesy: www.malabarbadmintonacademy.com, www.indiatimes.com).

  1. Lalitha Dahiya/KomalAntil.
  2. Aparna Balan/Prajaktha Sawant.
  3. Neelakuri Sikki Reddy/K.Maneesha.
  4. Mohita Sahdev/Dhanya Nair.

Mixed Doubles:

Arun Vishnu & Aparna Balan.(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com).

Arun Vishnu & Aparna Balan.
(Image Courtesy: www.newindianexpress.com).

Akshay Dewalkar & Prajaktha Sawant.(ImageCourtesy: knowyourtown.co.in).

Akshay Dewalkar & Prajaktha Sawant.
(ImageCourtesy: knowyourtown.co.in).

Tarun Kona & Sikki Reddy.(Image Courtesy:sportsrediscovered.com).

Tarun Kona & Sikki Reddy.
(Image Courtesy:sportsrediscovered.com).

  1. Lalitha Dahiya/Dinesh Choudhry.
  2. K. Mannesha/Pranav Jerry Chopra.
  3. Prajktha Sawant/Akshay Dewalkar.
  4. Tarun Kona/Neelakuri Sikki Reddy.
  5. S., Poorvisha Ram/T. Hema Nagendra Babu.
  6. Aparna Balan/Arun Vishnu.

Tournament Name: Bahrain International Challenge 2015.

Tournament Dates: 03-November-2015 to 07-November-2015.

Category: International Challenge.

Venue: Shaikh Khalifa Sports City.

City: Isa Town.

Country: Bahrain.

Prizer Money: USD15,000.