The Shuttlecock – The Bird or Birdies

ShuttlecockBadminton is an age old sport played with an light-weight object made up of fine quality Goose feathers on its top and a wooden cork in its bottom to hold the feathers to make it fly from one end to another, and that’s how the alternate name (shuttle-to move an object from one place to another) of badminton shuttlecock was coined.

A feather shuttlecock weighs around 4.75 to 5.50 grams, has 16 feathers, 70 millimetres (2.8 in) in length. The diameter of the cork is 25 to 28 millimetres (0.98 to 1.10 in) and the diameter of the circle that the feathers make is around 54 millimetres (2.1 in).

There are some amateur and low priced models of feather shuttlecocks and plastic shuttlecocks available in the market, while there are several high flying shuttlecock manufacturing giants to name a few are Yonex, Li-ning, Vitor, Carlton, RSL who entitle themselves in manufacturing these birdies by adhering to several strict manufacturing guidelines, specifications and standards in composing precision enriched shuttlecocks to make it world class thus supporting badminton sport to stage it as a live wire.  whose feather shuttlecocks are repeatedly used in International tournaments.

Fastest-Hits-V2The fastest shuttle cock ever smashed was recorded as 162 miles per hour (261 kph) by the Guinness Book of Records when compared to squash`s 151 mph (243 kph) and 138 mph (222 kph) for tennis. (Image Courtesy:


Plastic shuttlecockBoth plastic and feather Shuttlecocks have different models from different manufacturers however, the basic parameters and guidelines remain the same. They mostly vary based upon its flight and speed and where these shuttles are played. According to these factors the weight of a feather shuttlecock varies and makes one suitable for the arena.

The following data’s gives a clear picture on the speed of the feather shuttlecocks and its playability.

1) 48 or 75 – slow, for used in higher altitudes of sea level.
2) 49 or 76 – medium slow, used in hotter area.
3) 50 or 77 – medium, most sea level area.
4) 51 or 78 – medium fast, cold area.
5) 52 or 79 – fast, cold area, below sea level.

Non marking Shoes for Badminton

Now a days more and more new technologies are evolving for making the best performance sports footware for all sports disciplines which also includes the Non marking Shoes for Badminton.

Badminton sport now a days are played with dedicated sports shoes namely Non marking shoes. Why are they called Non marking is the fact, they don’t leave any impression when a player plays over the surface of the badminton court.

The upper portion of these badminton shoes are technically shaped for the game and best feel, comfort and circulation of air, while the bottom surface of these Non marking shoes are flat and are made up of special kind of a rubber sole for acquiring the best grip. Cushioning and lightweight are also the key and important features one should look for when buying their own Non marking shoes for badminton.

There are many sport shoe manufacturers who try to outwit one another in its quality, comfortness, playability, improved styling etc., by providing varieties of Non marking shoes for badminton with best features for players comfort and for all ages, Some of the manufactureres of these Non marking shoes for badminton are Adidas, Nivia, Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor, Ashaway, Pro-Ase, Nike to name the important few.

People are interested in puchasing non marking shoes especially badminton shoes online, where one should feel the exact kind of Non marking shoes for badminton to raise their game to the next level!
Badminton Non-Marking shoes
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Yonex – Power Cushion SHB-86EX Shoes – Product Review

Yonex has been involved in Badminton shoes for quite a few years now, but have recently introduced their Power Cushion series of shoes.  Just got hold of a florescent orange pair from the Power Cushion SHB-86EX model.


This series is supposed to be not only jazzy, to give the bright look, but also has the right level of shock absorption on landing. They claim it results in reducing the muscle fatigue and thus encouraging more aggressive play.

As I just got this pair last night and will write more about it after I use it during the practice for the next few days. Stay tuned.

Tournament Software – Good Badminton Software

Tournament Software is a very good online tool for tracking badminton tournaments online. We at Badminton In India will be making quite a lot of use of Tournament Software to keep track of various badminton tournaments held across India.


If you are not aware of it already, you might want to check it out, as it helps track all your tournaments in a single location.

In addition, it is now a requirement for all Badminton Association of India approved tournaments to send the entries online using Tournament Software.