IBL 2nd Edition Marketing Partner Is Sportzlive

The Indian Badminton League Logo.

The Badminton Association of India (BAI) on Sep 30 2015, announced the appointment of Sportzlive as its official marketing and sponsorship partner for the second season of the much-anticipated Indian Badminton League (IBL) scheduled to held from January 2 to 17 next year.

With just three months away from the IBL 2nd edition taking shape, Sportzlive has enough time to approach corporates, brands and business owners for various available sponsorships and franchisee slots in the League.

Akilesh Das GuptaAnnouncing the appointment, Dr Akhilesh Das Gupta, President, BAI said: “As we move towards launching IBL season 2, we are enlisting the support of professionals to help us make the league a success. Sportzlive with its experience of sports management and marketing will help us achieve our objectives. We believe IBL is poised to become a prime property in the Indian broadcasting and digital space.”

The player auctions is scheduled to take place on 20th of November, 2015 with six franchisee teams across India who will have with them the very best Indian and International Badminton players.

Atul-Pandy1Speaking on the occasion, Atul Pande, Chairman, Sportzlive, said: “We at Sportzlive are privileged to partner with BAI and IBL. We believe the property has great potential to become one of the flag bearers in the Television arena.

He also quoted, “Badminton is second most monetised product in India in terms of product sales and there is no reason why it can’t be big on TV. Under Dr Dasgupta’s able leadership, Indian badminton players are now amongst the best in the world, and that should also translate to better viewing and higher revenues for the federation.”

A Franchise Based IBL 2nd Edition 2016


The Badminton Association of India (BAI) have decided to go ahead with the second edition of the IBL as a franchise based one which is going to be held from 2nd January 2016 to 17th January 2016.

BAI president Akhilesh Das Gupta believes franchises and players are more excited because the tournament is being organised directly by the association.

The association has already severed its ties with sports marketing firm Sporty Solutionz, who held the rights of the league for 10 years.

“The matter with Sporty has already been settled in court. We had given them sufficient time to furnish the bank guarantee of Rs 50 crore which they failed. I am sure that court will understand that BAI holds all rights regarding the sport of badminton in this country. Anyone can go to court in this country , we’ll deal with the situation if it crops up,” Das Gupta said here on Thursday .

The president said that the association had already finalised some of the franchisee names who are the same from the first edition and new additions too this year.

IBL 2nd Edition will be held across six cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

“We are only replacing Pune with Chennai this time because we don’t want the league to be held in two cities in the same state. The players will be getting more money this year because we are planning to increase the salary from the existing Rs 1.5 crore. The franchise owners are already in talks with some Bollywood celebrities, offering them sweat equity in the teams. These celebrities will increase the glamour quotient of the league,” he said.

“The BAI will take bank guarantee from all the franchise owners equivalent to the player salaries in their team. If the players are not paid on time, the BAI can step in,” the president said.

Asked why the BAI took two years to revive the IBL, Das Gupta said, “The BWF calendar only has two windows in January and August. After hosting the first tournament in August in 2013, we didn’t want to organise one in January next year and then August of 2014 wasn’t available because we already had the Commonwealth Games scheduled then. Now for the purpose of having continuity with the league, we have decided to organise it in the January window.”

The one thing the league was missing back in 2013 was Chinese star power and BAI is confident that Asian powerhouses will be well represented in the second edition. “We have spoken to the Chinese federation as well as some of the players directly. The players are keen on participating and we should see some of them in IBL-2,” the president said.

IBL Second Edition To Be Held in January 2016

The IBL Logo.
(Image Courtesy: www.deccanchronicle.com)

Badminton Association of India (BAI) has all set to conduct the much-awaited Indian Badminton League (IBL) tournament which is scheduled to be held in January next year.

Actually, the second edition were announced from September-October 2014 and then postponed to January-February 2015, now happening in January 2016.

“We want to go with one state one Team this time. Last time we had Mumbai and Pune from Maharashtra which is not advisable. So we are looking at Chennai as a venue this year,” Dr Das Gupta said.

BAI has also requested a Event management company, Evolution Sports to help them conduct the tournament.

Most of the top players are busy to seal their berths for the prestigious Rio Olympics, held next year, there are some concerns whether players will be interested to participate in the event before the Olympic Games. However, Mr. Das Gupta said that all top players of the world have shown lot of interest to play in IBL 2nd Edition and also “Most of the Indian players have confirmed their participation and also there is a lot of interest among the foreign players too. Talks are also on with these players individually and also with Asian federations like China,” he said.

Mr. Akilesh Das Guptha, President of BAI also quoted that, “We want to ensure that more money comes to Indian Badminton. So it will be more lucrative and much more interesting this year. We have asked the Technical Committee to come up with the exact policy, rules and regulation for the event.”

Unlike the first edition, badminton players will be auctioned with fresh contracts being issued by BAI. However, IBL 2nd Edition will also have new franchises with many Bollywood celebrities willing to join the IBL.

Indian Badminton League – 2013 – 25 Crore Loss?

Economic Times reported earlier today that Indian Badminton League’s inaugural edition ended with the co-organisers Sporty Solutionz reporting 25 Crore loss! Here are some of the interesting facts and data listed in that article.
Tickets Sold, 1.2 Lakhs
Total Reach, 21.7 Million
Yearly Investment by each team, 5 to 8 Crores
Total Expenses, 85 Crores
Total Revenue, 60 Crores
Total Loss, 25 Crores


We took a closer look at the details and realized there were quite a few interesting points to note, but many of them without any clarity or transparency.

Future Plans

  • Add two more teams
  • Increase the sponsors
  • Host in bigger venues

Bullish but Selling 15% ??

Ashish Chadha, the CEO of Sporty Solutionz has stated that every one is excited about the success of IBL and is bullish about the future of IBL. At the same time he has also stated that he plans to sell 15% of his stake in IBL.He has also decided not to organize IBL next year.

IBL Article on Economic Times

IBL Article on Economic Times

These contradicting statements are confusing everyone. I guess the need of the hour is for Sporty Solutionz to increase the transparency of the league by making sure all the numbers are published officially on their website with details on the revenues and expenses.

Hyderabad Hotshots wins IBL 2013

Hyderabad Hotshots defeated Awadhe Warriors 3-1 in the finals of IBL 2013 to be crowned as the champions in the inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League.

Hyderabad Hotshots - Winner of IBL 2013

Hyderabad Hotshots – Winner of IBL 2013

IBL 2013 – Finals – Hyderabad Hotshots vs Awadhe Warriors – Match Results

Winner: Hyderabad Hotshots

Score: 3-1

Player of the Tournament: Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal - IBL 2013 - Player of the tournament

Saina Nehwal  – Player of the tournament

Match Results

    • Mens Singles 1: Saemsomboonsuk Tanongsak lost to K.Srikanth 12-21, 20-21

    • Womens Singles: Saina Nehwal defeated P.V.Sindhu 21-15, 21-7

    • Mens Doubles: V.Shem Goh and Khim Wah Lim defeated Markis Kido and Mathias Boe 21-14, 13-21, 11-4

    • Mens Singles 2: Ajay Jayaram defeated R.M.V.Gurusaidutt 10-21, 21-17, 11-7

IBL 2013 – Semi Finals 2 – Awadhe Warriors vs Mumbai Masters at Bangalore – Awadhe Warriors win 3-2

Awadhe Warriors defeated Mumbai Masters 3-2 to reach the finals of IBL 2013. They will now face Hyderabad Hotshots in the finals on 31st August 2013 at 8pm IST.

Awadhe Warriors vs Mumbai Masters – Match Results

Winner: Awadhe Warriors

Score: 3-2

Match Details

  • Mens Singles 1: R.M.V.Guru Sai Dutt lost to Lee Chong Wei 15-21, 7-21

  • Womens Singles: P.V.Sindhu defeated Tine Baun 21-16, 21-13

  • Mens Doubles: Markis Kido and Mathias Boe defeated Sumeet Reddy and Pranaav Jerry Chopra 21-15, 21-10

  • Mens Singles 2: K.Srikanth lost to Vladimir Ivanov 20-21, 19-21

  • Mixed Doubles: Markis Kido and Pia Bernadeth defeated Vladimir Ivanov and Tine Baun 21-19, 21-15.


IBL 2013 Semi Finals 1 – Hyderabad Hotshots vs Pune Pistons at Hyderabad – Hyderabad Hotshots win 3-0

Hyderabad Hotshots defeated Pune Pistons 3-0 to advance to the finals of the Indian Badminton League 2013 tournament.

Hyderabad Hotshots vs Pune Pistons – Match Results

Winner: Hyderabad Hotshots

Score: 3-0

    • Mens Singles 1: Ajay Jayaram defeated Tien Minh Nyugen 21-17, 21-11.

    • Womens Singles: Saina Nehwal defeated Juliane Schenk 21-10, 19-21, 11-8

    • Mens Doubles: Goh V Shem and Wah Lim Khim defeated Joachim Fischer and Sanave Thomas 16-21, 21-14, 11-7

    • Mens Singles 2: Tanongsak Saemsomboonsuk vs Saurabh Varma

    • Mixed Doubles:Goh V Shem and Saina Nehwal vs Joachim Fischer and Ashwini Ponnappa

To watch the matches live or to follow the live scores click here

IBL 2013 – Hyderabad Hotshots vs Banga Beats at Hyderabad – Banga Beats win 3-2

Banga Beats completed their IBL 2013 tenure with a consolation win against the leaders, Hyderabad Hotshots.

Banga Beats vs Hyderabad Hotshots – Match Results

Winner: Banga Beats

Score: 3-2

Match Details:

    • Mens Singles 1: P.Kashyap lost to Tanongsak Saemsomboonsuk 20-21, 18-21.

    • Womens Singles: Ying Tai Tzu lost to Saina Nehwal 17-21, 21-14, 8-11

    • Mens Doubles: Carston Mogensen and Akshay Dewalkar defeated Goh V Shem and Wah Lim Khim 21-15, 15-11, 11-1

    • Mens Singles 2: Jan O Jorensen defeated Ajay Jayaram 21-11, 21-8

    • Mixed Doubles: Carston Mogensen and Aparna Balan defeated Tarun Kona and Pradnya Gadre 18-21, 21-16, 11-9.

To watch the matches live or to follow the live scores click here
Hyderabad Hotshots vs Banga Beats – Match Photos

IBL 2013 – Awadhe Warriors vs Pune Pistons at Bangalore – Awadhe Warriors win 3-2

Awadhe Warriors defeated Pune Pistons 3-2 in their final round robin tie of IBL 2013 on Monday.

Awadhe Warriors vs Pune Pistons – Match Results

Winner: Awadhe Warriors

Score: 3-2


    • Mens Singles 1: K.Srikanth defeated Saurabh Verma 21-18, 21-6

    • Womens Singles: P.V.Sindhu defeated Juliane Schenk 21-20, 21-20

    • Mens Doubles: Markis Kido and Mathias Boe defeated Arun Vishnu and Sanave Thomas 21-15, 21-16

    • Mens Singles 2: Guru Sai Dutt lost to Tien Minh Nyugen 12-21, 18-21

    • Mixed Doubles: Markis Kido and Pia Bernadeth lost to Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Ashwini Ponnappa 16-21, 14-21.

To watch the matches live or to follow the live scores click here

IBL 2013 – Delhi Smashers vs Banga Beats at Bangalore – Delhi Smashers win 4-1

Delhi Smashers defeated Banga Beats 4-1 in their final tie of the round robin phase in IBL 2013.

Delhi Smashers vs Banga Beats – Match Results

Winner: Delhi Smashers

Score: 4-1

Player of the tie: H.S.Prannoy

Match Details:

    • Mens Singles 1: Sai Praneeth lost to Kashyap 15-21, 11-21

    • Womens Singles: Nichaon Jindapon defeated Carolina Marin 21-17, 15-21, 11-9

    • Mens Doubles: Kien Keat Koo and Boon Hoeng Tan defeated Mogensen Carston and Akshay Dewalkar 21-11, 20-21, 11-7

    • Mens Singles 2: H.S.Prannoy defeated Arvind Bhat 21-18, 7-21, 11-8

    • Mixed Doubles: Diju and Jwala Gutta defeated Mogensen Carston and Carolina Marin 21-16, 15-21, 11-9.

To watch the matches live or to follow the live scores click here