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Bihar Team Announced For East Zone Inter State Badminton Championships 2015

The Bihar State Badminton Association has announced the names of the players selected for the East Zone Inter State Badminton Championships 2015 to be held at Jalpaiguri. Good luck to all the players and the Bihar teams.


1. Subhankar (Sr) PAT

2. Ashuthosh Tiwary (SUM)

3. Shubhankar Singh (MU2)

4. Chandrabhaskar (BGP)

5. Aditya Chandra (PAT)


1. Alka Kumari (MGR)

2. Archana Kumar (MU2)

3. Anshumita Srivastava (SWN)

4. Anamika Kumari (PAT)

5. Amrita Kumari (MGR)

Junior Boys:

1. Amrish Kumar (SAM)

2. Uday Rajan (SAM)

3. Ankit Kumar (KHG)

4. Nitesh Kumar (JUI)

5. Aditya Kumar (PAT)

Junior Girls:

1. Anshumita Srivastava (SWN)

2. Vibha (PAT)

3. Anamika Kumari (PAT)

4. Aparna Basu (PAT)

5. Sanjana Sinha (JEH)

Victor Korea Open 2015 – Finals – Watch Live Coverage Online

The Victor Korea Open 2015 finals is happening today (20-Sep-2015). Watch the Victor Korea Open 2015 finals here live online.

The order of play for the finals is given below.

Live Scorecard of the matches happening right now in the Victor Korea Open 2015 Badminton Tournament

(Live Scorecard: Courtesy

Live Streaming of the Victor Korea Open 2015

Yonex Open Badminton Tournament Japan 2013 – Indian Results

Yonex Open 2013 is conducted by Nippon Badminton Association in Tokyo, Japan from 17th to 22nd of September 2013.

Nippon Badminton Association, Tokyo, Japan

Nippon Badminton Association, Tokyo, Japan

We bring you the latest Indian results.

Round 3

Men Singles

  • H.S.Prannoy lost to Huan Gao of China 21-11 20-22 21-13.
  • Srikanth K. lost to Kazuteru Kozai of Japan 21-18 21-9.
  • Ajay Jayaram lost to Tien Minh Nguyen of Vietnam 21-18 21-13.

Round 2

Men Singles

Prannoy H.S.

Prannoy H.S.

Ajay Jayaram

Ajay Jayaram



  • H.S.Prannoy defeated Jan O Jorgensen of Denmark 21-14 13-21 21-17.
  • Srikanth K. defeated Kazuteru Kozai of Japan 21-12 21-16.
  • Ajay Jayaram defeated Yuichi Ikeda of Japan 21-13 11-21 21-18.
  • Anand Pawar lost to Chong Wei Lee of Malaysia 21-12 21-16.

Women’s Singles

  • P.V.Sindhu lost to Akane Yamaguchi of Japan 21-6 21-17

Mens Doubles

  • Manu Attri and Sumeeth Reddy lost to Xiaolong Liu and Zihan Qiu of Japan 21-17 21-16.

Round 1

Mens Singles 


  • Anand Pawar defeated  Indonesian Sony Dwi Kuncoro 21-17 7-21 21-18
  • Sai Praneeth lost to eighth seeded Yun Hu of Hong Kong 23-21 21-18
  • Sourabh Varma lost to  Jun Takemura of Japan  22-24 21-19 21-14
  • Ajay Jayaram defeated Tien Chen Chou of Taipei 21-11 21-18
  • H.S.Prannoy defeated Wing Ki Wong of Hong Kong 15-21 21-17 24-22
  • Srikanth K. defeated  Sho Sasaki of Japan 22-20 22-24 21-18

Women’s Singles



  • P.V.Sindhu defeated Yukino Nakai of Japan 21-12 21-13
  • Tanvi Lad lost to  Sayaka Takahashi of Japan 21-15 21-10

Mens Doubles

Manu Attri and Sumeeth Reddy

Manu Attri and Sumeeth Reddy

  • Manu Attri and Sumeeth Reddy defeated  Hiroyuki Saeki and Ryota Taohata of Japan 21-17 21-15.

Good luck to all Indians playing in this tournament.

Adidas China Masters Badminton Tournament 2013 – Indian Results

The Chinese Badminton Association is conducting Adidas China Masters 2013 Badminton Tournament at Changzhou, Jiangsu in China.

Chinese Badminton Association

Chinese Badminton Association

We bring you the latest Indian results.

Round Two

  • Anand Pawar lost to Sho Sasaki of Japan 12-21 21-14 21-16.

Round One

Mens Singles

  • Anand Pawar got a bye in the first round after top seeded Chen Long withdrew from the tournament.
  • Ajay Jayaram was defeated by Yuekun Chen of China 14-21, 21-23.

South Central Railway – Job Opening for Badminton Players – September 2013

South Central Railway has come up with openings for Badminton Players in their advertisement in September 2013. Details given below.

Indian Railway
Indian Railway

Employer: South Central Railway

Contact Details: Provided in the advertisement link below.

Job Type: Permanent


  • Guntakal Division: Shuttle Badminton (Men) – Singles: 1 Position
  • Guntur Division: Shuttle Badminton (Men) – Singles: 1 Position

Last Date for application: 23-September-2013

Original Advertisement Link: Advertisement on Indian Railway Website can be downloaded by clicking here

Tokyo to host 2020 Olympics

Tokyo has been selected as the city to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Tokyo has won the bid to host 2020 Olympics

Tokyo has won the bid to host 2020 Olympics

Tokyo defeated Madrid and Istanbul in the finals yesterday to be named as the host for the 2020 Olympics.

With badminton being one of the disciplines in Olympics, it will be a good time for future Olympians from India, aiming to represent the country in badminton, to start thinking about Tokyo :-)


Indian Badminton League – 2013 – 25 Crore Loss?

Economic Times reported earlier today that Indian Badminton League’s inaugural edition ended with the co-organisers Sporty Solutionz reporting 25 Crore loss! Here are some of the interesting facts and data listed in that article.
Tickets Sold, 1.2 Lakhs
Total Reach, 21.7 Million
Yearly Investment by each team, 5 to 8 Crores
Total Expenses, 85 Crores
Total Revenue, 60 Crores
Total Loss, 25 Crores


We took a closer look at the details and realized there were quite a few interesting points to note, but many of them without any clarity or transparency.

Future Plans

  • Add two more teams
  • Increase the sponsors
  • Host in bigger venues

Bullish but Selling 15% ??

Ashish Chadha, the CEO of Sporty Solutionz has stated that every one is excited about the success of IBL and is bullish about the future of IBL. At the same time he has also stated that he plans to sell 15% of his stake in IBL.He has also decided not to organize IBL next year.

IBL Article on Economic Times

IBL Article on Economic Times

These contradicting statements are confusing everyone. I guess the need of the hour is for Sporty Solutionz to increase the transparency of the league by making sure all the numbers are published officially on their website with details on the revenues and expenses.

IOC keeps India out of Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has maintained its stand not to allow India in the Olympics as a team, if India did not change its policies related to electing the officials to represent India in the Indian Olympic Assoication (IOA).


The issue behind this is simple: IOC feels that if any official is chargesheeted in a case, they should be allowed to contest for a post in IOA. (It might turn out that most of our politicians might not be able to contest in that case!). IOA is going by ‘rule of the land’, which does not restrict any one at such a blanket level. Hence the dispute.

The worst case scenario is that India cannot send a team to the Olympic games, but the players can request to be allowed to compete under the Olympic banner. Such a scenario might spell doom for many Indian badminton players (and other sports persons) as it will impact the sponsorships, long term plans, etc.

While the elections for IOA are due before the end of this year, lets hope that some one will step in and make sure this stalemate is resolved.

Yonex Chinese Taipei Open 2013 – Indian Results

The Yonex Chinese Taipei Badminton Open 2013 was held from 3rd September 2013 to 8th September 2013 at New Taipei City in Chinese Taipei. We bring you the latest Indian results.


Round 2

Mens Singles

  • Anand Pawar lost to Shao Wen Hsu of Taipei 21-16, 12-21, 11-21.

Round 1

Mens Singles


  • Anand Pawar defeated Taipei’s Yu Hsien Lin 21-14, 21-15.

Womens Singles

  • Tanvi Lad lost to fifth seeded Sapssiree Taerattanachai of Thailand 18-21, 18-21.

Mixed Doubles

  • Kristi Das of India partnered with Mohd. Rafiz Abdul Latif of Malaysia and lost to Singapore’s Terry Hee and Lee Yao 12-21, 13-21.

Hyderabad Hotshots wins IBL 2013

Hyderabad Hotshots defeated Awadhe Warriors 3-1 in the finals of IBL 2013 to be crowned as the champions in the inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League.

Hyderabad Hotshots - Winner of IBL 2013

Hyderabad Hotshots – Winner of IBL 2013

IBL 2013 – Finals – Hyderabad Hotshots vs Awadhe Warriors – Match Results

Winner: Hyderabad Hotshots

Score: 3-1

Player of the Tournament: Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal - IBL 2013 - Player of the tournament

Saina Nehwal  – Player of the tournament

Match Results

    • Mens Singles 1: Saemsomboonsuk Tanongsak lost to K.Srikanth 12-21, 20-21

    • Womens Singles: Saina Nehwal defeated P.V.Sindhu 21-15, 21-7

    • Mens Doubles: V.Shem Goh and Khim Wah Lim defeated Markis Kido and Mathias Boe 21-14, 13-21, 11-4

    • Mens Singles 2: Ajay Jayaram defeated R.M.V.Gurusaidutt 10-21, 21-17, 11-7