Karakal Super Grip PU Review

Karakal PU Grip.(Image Courtesy: badminton-reviews.blogspot.in).

Karakal PU Grip.
(Image Courtesy: badminton-reviews.blogspot.in).

The PU Karakal grip is thicker and larger even than the Yonex PU Grip. Once applied, it will seem to be quite large, but very comfortable and maneuverable. The grip performed well in absorbing sweat and throughout a session didn’t feel like the racquet was going to fly out my hands. This was in contrast to the Yonex Super Grap which is probably the most popular grip out there for badminton players. On my personal experience, last more longer in durability and softness than the Yonex PU ones. It has more softness and comfortness than the Yonex PU ones. The price of this grip is far more less than the Ypnex one and comes with vibrant colours like the Yonex PU ones. Truely an incredible choice for the known players about this wonderful and super grip!

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