Badminton Racquet Review – Voltric Z-Force

Voltric Z Force. (Image Courtesy:

Voltric Z Force.
(Image Courtesy:

This racquet was actually launched in the first quarter of 2012. This racquet is named a name ahead of the already terrific Voltric 80.

It is slightly heavier in the frame or the head and the shaft seems very stiff. All the features designed to focus on the smash power.

The racquet comes in a distinctive menacing black colour scheme with flashes of lime green and white. You can tell this is a special racquet. The factory fit grip is white.

The head is smaller than other racquets, probably to have the main focus on the smash. The factory fit string is the Bg65Ti, which is an excellent string for feel and power.

When talking about the defensive qualities about this racquet, it is purely build for power, With the extra weight on the head, this was never going to be the most agile racquet around the net. But the aerodynamic qualities ease in moving the head of the racquet.

The string pattern was different when compated with the Voltric 80 and seems to have the same pattern as Z Slash. It’s clear there is an extra cross string at the top of the frame and one less towards the throat.

Moving on to drops shots, there is a feeling of solidity in the shots and had the ultimate control in terms of placement.

Maximum tension on this racquet is 27lbs which is sufficient for most players.

Near the nets speed is important and Voltric Z Force was definitely slower in this department. The Voltric 80 out shines the Z Force here!

Voltric Z Force comes with the standard Voltric cover.

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