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Badminton Racquet Review: Victor Meteor X80

MeteorX80. (ImageCourtesy: my.victorsport.com).

(ImageCourtesy: my.victorsport.com).

Another incredible racquet master piece from victor! Your first look at the Victor Meteor X80, suspects it with a Voltric 80, since the design of these two racquets are comparitively one and the same except for the design on the shaft with its thing for cell-shaded graphics, and the Meteor 80 fits right in.

This racquet is built for more of a defense than for attack play. It has a heavy head with very stiff shaft. Technologies like Octablade, Peakwaves, Nano Tec, Carbon XT and Eighty-80 are embedded in it. The racquet is very gentle on the arms despite being very stiff.

The weight in the head can hardly be felt when you swing it, but the moment the strings come into contact with the shuttle you can feel the power from the shaft transfering to the shuttle and with a quick flick of the wrist is all you need to make the shuttle travel to the far ends of the court.

The light weight allowed quicker response from the wrist and the weight transfer upon hitting will take care of the distance. Thanks for the weight transfer, clearing to the backcourts were also easy, even if I ‘m out of position and had to force a clear from a lower angle. This is superb!

Head Heavy and very stiff shaft is for very good for smashing. Quick drops, fast smashes, check smashes and drives, all comes good with the Meteor X80. the smashes were of good speed, which were reasonably hard to return.

This racquet is slightly slow responsive while playing to the sides when the weight is 4U because of its light weight.

Red, black, white and Gold in a combination of ferocity and swiftness. Quick, sharp edges dominate the primary markings on the racquet shaft and head with the grand touch of gold shade.