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Badminton Racquet Review: Yonex Voltric 80

Voltric 80. (Image Courtesy: www.mybadmintonstore.com).

Voltric 80.
(Image Courtesy: www.mybadmintonstore.com).

Voltric 70 and Voltric 80 are racquets for advanced players, who are aiming for more aggression with speed and power with little errors. The Voltric 80 can be called as a competitor over the ArcSaber Z-Slash. Of the two, Voltric 80 is the best bet.

Every Voltric series racquet comes with its conventional “Tri-Voltage” system, an ultra slim shaft, for better contact with the shuttle on the string bed with a extremely heavy head.

Since the head is heavy, a little more effort is needed while defending against quick shots. But that doesn’t mean you give away points – the Voltric 80’s high level of control affords its user an increased accuracy when it comes to both offense and defense.

Another added advantage of this heavy head racquet is that, it is easier to lift the shuttles to the rear court.

With every attack you can basically feel the strings hitting around the shuttle head and throwing it out with as much force as the racquet can.

Pinpoint accuracy to every corner of the court, that too with much ease. Also clears and drop shots perfectly match all those who make use of this racquet. Since, this racquet’s head is heavy, you feel more to smash than playing a slow and approaching game.

With this racquet, you can hit smashes with pinpoint accuracy and control all over the court.

This racket is used by the World Class players and no doubt, one of the best racquets Yonex has ever made.