BAI Unveiled Premier Badminton League 2016 Trophy

PBL. (Image Courtesy:

(Image Courtesy:

NEW DELHI: Badminton Association of India unveiled the trophy presented on Sunday to the winner of the Premier Badminton League 2016, the Delhi Acers!

For the first time, trophies will be presented to both the winner as well as the runner-up team. While the height of the winner’s trophy is 36″ (Gold Finish), the runner-up trophy will be 28″ (Silver Finish) and made of sterling silver.

The trophy is designed to stir up interest for badminton as it glorifies the shuttlecock which symbolises the sport. It celebrates and depicts the many facets of a sportsman and his journey from struggle to victory.

Speaking on the occasion, BAI President and PBL chairman Akhilesh Das Gupta said, “Presenting the trophy brings immense pleasure and it reflects the success of BAI’s endeavour to take the sport to the next level. The Trophy is indeed a very unique piece as it was crafted specially by Chief Designer of Ravissant, who are the best in hot enamelling.

“The Winning Team will feel proud to hold the magnificent trophy and will inspire the finalists tomorrow to compete for the beauties that the designers have created on our behalf.”

Speaking ahead of the summit clash tomorrow, H. S. Prannoy of Mumbai Rockets said, “Till now, the Star Sports PBL has been very competitive as all the teams have the best players but the final battle will tomorrow between two best teams of the League. The Trophy looks very exhilarating and its worth fighting for it.”

Delhi Acers’ Ajay Jayaram said, “It has been a awesome journey in the League and we played like a winner. Now we need to overcome the last hurdle tomorrow. Though we will have the home advantage but we can’t ignore the strengths of Mumbai Rockets, who defeated mighty Awadhe warriors yesterday. My whole team like the trophy as its very beautiful.”

The trophy is designed by the Chief Designer and exclusively handcrafted by Master Craftsman at Ravissant who is known for its exquisite and state of the art silverware across the world.

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