Badminton Racquet Review: Yonex Duora 10

Duora 10. (Image Courtesy:

Duora 10.
(Image Courtesy:

The Yonex Duora 10 is amazing for defensive shots and helps to steer the shuttle into an empty space with a slight flick of the wrist.

This quality of defense is attained by its flexible and light weight shaft, since th eracquet is an even balanced one. Unlike the head heavy racquets, the Duora 10 allows a very quick response to attacks, being smashes or the fast drives. This gives you one moew chance to turn the defense into offense and throwing the game in your favour and giving a little pressure to your opponents.

The Duora 10 fails miserably in the midcourt area and particularly while smashing. Anything further behind the mid court might as well be a practice shot for your opponent.

This racquet has an amazing performance in the front court and particularly in defense. This racquet can be typically comapred to the Nanoray 900, which is far better when you want to attack.

Duora10-Dual Optimum System. (ImageCourtesy:

Duora10-Dual Optimum System.

While cornering the control aspects of the racquet, this racquet does not give the much need “feel” while we play continuous drop shots and this racquet lacks in the control from back and front court, Not being able to throw a big punch leaves me with the alternating play with fast drops and quick smashes. Since, this racquet has no better control from the rear court, it feels like a player getting trapped in the rear court.

this racquet is a better backhand racquet than for the forehands. This is of course welcome in situations, where one has to play a necessary back hand stroke or for lazy players who like to turn their backs to the opponent.

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