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Yonex Arcsaber 10 Racquet Review

Yonex Arcsaber 10.(Image Courtesy: http://everythinggoeshere.blogspot.in/).

Yonex Arcsaber 10.
(Image Courtesy: http://everythinggoeshere.blogspot.in/).

This is one of the few racuets which has lovely balance and feel for those who make use of the racquet. Since, this is also an offensive racquet with medium stiff for an overall performance (both for offense and defense). This racquet is also a good timer of the shots. This racquet gives an over all performance all over the court and makes you fell like playing with an old friend.

Clears are crisp and true, and overall the racquet will be a delight to play with. It is also suitable for efffective net play and in defence.

This racquet performs much faster than the Armortec 900 as its stiffness of the shaft is medium against the extra stiff for Armortec 900 power.

The racquets body graphics are neat and simple and comes with a red colour.

Other advantages of this racquet includes, its Isometric Square Head Shape equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the string bed thus enlarging the “sweet spot” for those powerful punching smashes.

A new enhanced grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high performance stringing pattern for more durability.

“UltraPEF – Ultra Poly Ethylene Fiber” employed for high shock absorption.

Carbon Nanotube is constructed in the badminton racquet frame which enables to give the players right amount of flex and quick repulsion for a powerful return.

Trump Matches Bring Pressure On Team: Srikanth, Ashwini

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

BENGALURU: Top players of Bangalore Top Guns Kidambi Srikanth and Ashwini Ponnappa said Trump matches bring pressure because it changes the complexion of the tie pretty quickly.

Bengaluru Top Guns“We feel a little bit of pressure because the whole team depends on you to pull off a crucial match to get vital bonus point. Yes, the trump match adds pressure because it changes the complexion of the match quickly,” Srikanth told reporters.

Ashwini, who plays the mixed doubles match for Top Guns, also talked about the pressure, but added it all depends on players how they handle the pressure and outsmart the opponent.
“Of course there is a lot of added pressure because they are crunch matches. However, success lies in how players handle the pressure in crunch situation,” she said.

Top Guns Coach Arvind Bhat said Trump matches are taken at a very crucial stage and hence the players are in different zone and feel differently.

Asked reasons for Joachim Fischer Nielsen playing just one mixed doubles, Bhat said the Danish star had to miss four days of the league for playing a league back home.

“It is purely an administrative issue. Because the window was short he had to go to participate in a league back home, and hence he missed four days of the PBL,” he said.

Asked did Fischer’s absence cost the team which now find themselves in a tough position to qualify for semifinal, Bhat said, “Yes, his absence has affected the team’s chances, otherwise we would have been probably at the second spot in points-table.”

Asked about the preparations for P.V. Sindhu and Suo Di match, Bhat said,
“We are expecting a very close contest between Di and Sindhu, but the pressure is on the latter. The underdogs always have an advantage to play freely, without much pressure,” Bhat said.

PBL: Tough Task Ahead For Top Guns

PBL. (Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

(Image Courtesy: sportzwiki.com).

The Bengaluru Top Guns attempt to overturn a disastrous Premier Badminton League (PBL) campaign on their favour and are looking into book their berth into the semifinals of the six-team event.

The Bengaluru Top Guns currently with (8 points) have to win all their five matches to get one point (14) including the Trump match ahead of the Smashers to enter into the semi finals.

Bengaluru Top Guns

Bengaluru Top Guns.
(Image Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com/).

Today’s (Wednesday, 13-Jan-2016) event takes place at the Sree Kanteerava stadium against Chennai Smashers (13).

Led by champion shuttler P.V. Sindhu, Smashers had mixed results winning only 11 of their 20 matches so far.

The Hyderabadi will not play the trump match, as she already taken on that responsibility twice now Smashers will rely on Simon Santoso against skipper Kidambi Srikanth or opt for their mixed-doubles pair of Chris Adcock and Pia Zebediah to face Top Guns’ Ashwini Ponnappa and Joachim Fischer Nielsen.

The Bengaluru Top Guns would pick their Malaysian men’s doubles pairing of Khim Wah Lim and Hoon Then How or the mixed pair for the all important clash. Bhat said that despite the results going against Top Guns so far in the event, there were signs the team could bounce back. Even four wins out of five could do for the trick but the coach is targeting a big result.

In the day’s earlier match, second-placed Delhi Acers (15) take on fourth-placed Mumbai Rockets (13).

On Wednesday: Mumbai Rockets vs Delhi Acers (2.30pm); Chennai Smashers vs Bengaluru Top Guns (6.30pm).