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Yonex Armortec 900 Power Badminton Racquet

Armortec 900 power. (Image Courtesy: www.bnh.org.nz).

Armortec 900 power.
(Image Courtesy: www.bnh.org.nz).

The YONEX Armortec 900 power belongs to the Armortec series of YONEX. This series is currently discontinue by YONEX Badminton and replaced by the YONEX Voltric series. However, inspite of Armortec 900 power series discontinued, still lots of top international badminton player love to play with Armortec 900 power. AT 900 Power is a very powerful racquet constructed to generate immense power on smashes. So, this is an offensive racquet for those who love to smash. If a racquet is build with with Head heavy configuration, then the maneuverability of the racquet will be slow. But, this condition is overcome in AT 900 Power and is designed to deliver the most powerful smash with easy racquet maneuverability together and that’s why this racket is still very special to many badminton players.

This racquet has been modelled with an extra stiff shaft which gives the needed extra power to the smashes.

Another adantage of this racquet being the “Power Armor System”, which helps the badminton player to effectively handle the shuttle near to net.

The Weight of the racket being around 80-84.9 gms and its grip size being G4.

Other vital ingredients of the racquet being the “Frame” or the “Head” of the racquet is developed with HM Graphite, Micro TI and Nonoscale Elastic Ti while shaft is developed with HM Graphite and Nonoscale TI.

Frame design plays key role in racket stability. This racquet provides 3% more racquet Stability. Due to more stability in frame, the player can accurately place the shuttle.

Armortec 900 power is a very powerful badminton racquet suitable for aggressive badminton players.