Daily Archives: January 10, 2016

Hitting The Shuttle To The Diagonals


You can make your opponent to move to the longest possible distance by moving him along a long diagonal.

This is a simple methodology invoved here to gain control over the rally, but consumes more energy for both the players. If you are sure with teh strokes, then it will pave way for a point, if not you may hit the bird out and gain point to your opponent.

By making your opponent move to the longest possible distance you start to apply movement pressure over him, because it forces your opponent to move the greatest possible distance. While making your opponent cover the longest distance repeatedly makes him more tired, because he has to cover the longer distance. You can even make him move fast over the long distance by hitting a offensive clear or punch clear and then playing a slow drop so that he has to lunge forward to get his shot right.

By mixing up the diagonal shots, you tend to have more control over the game and the opponent.