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Simple Stretching Exercises For Tennis Elbow

Stretching for Tennis Elbow.(Image Courtesy: http://in.victorsport.com/).

Stretching for Tennis Elbow.
(Image Courtesy: http://in.victorsport.com/).

Many badminton players are likely to get an injury sort of thing called the “Tennis Elbow”. As the name applies this isn’t just the fpr those who play tennis. people who regularly play badminton, table tennis and golf, or who often lift heavy objects or overuse their wrists are those who have risk of getting tennis elbow.

When a person suffers from tennis elbow, he or she feels pain when they lift objects or straighten the wrist. This can be because of the inflammation of the bone outside of the elbow and can be painful also. When unatended, the pain can spread to the upper arm, leaving the sufferer unable to straighten their elbow and they have a feeling of resistance when turning the wrist upwards.

Some badminton players suffer from tennis elbow because the way they hold the racquet and the hitting angle and face is wrong in respect to the force apllied from the hand. So, the exact force is not delivered to the shuttle that results in severe elbow pain after playing.

When this happens, stop playing. While at the starting stages, a period of rest and wrist stretching exercise will improve the situation.

The basic remedy for tennis elbow is that, lift up the right arm so it is parallel to the floor with palm facing down and relaxed, then take hold of the outside of the fingers of the right hand with the left hand and lightly apply force until you feel a slight tightening of the wrist; keep the position for 30-60 seconds, relax, and then do same with other hand, doing 5-10 times for each hand.

Daily stretching exercises can help prevent and ease slight pain but, if the symptoms are serious, deep massage and physical therapy are also recommended in addition to stretching.