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Benefits From Playing Badminton For Women

women. (Image Courtesy: descoteaux.xyz).

(Image Courtesy: descoteaux.xyz).

Women today are very health consious today to have a good health, glowing skin and ofcourse youthful appearance, and a trim figure. So, women do aerobics, go cycling; do yoga or to burn the extra calories women do swimming running and gym workouts.

However, many people don’t know that there is a sport combining all kinds of physical fitness and providing all-round exercise that can give you all the above benefits and more benefits that badminton can provide for the well being expecially for women and that’s Badminton!
Lets see the benefites of playing badminton for women i nthe following paragraphs.

In general, when you play badminton the muscles of the body will alternately contract and relax in a very short space of time. So these kind of exercises makes use of our energy by also increasing the muscle strength and resilience ( the ability of the object to come back to tis original shape). If you play competitive badminton you will find you are covered in sweat in just 10 minutes of play.

For women who want to lose weight or improve their figure, badminton is the right choice. When we play badminton we naturally move back and forth numerous times, using the muscles of our upper and lower bodies. In particular, when we take a big stride or lunge or run forward to reply for an incoming shot and strike the shuttlecock, these are the times when our leg muscles expand and contract the most thus burning those extra calories and get to shape.

Another news is that Badminton improves the heart’s function. This is the reason our body sweating naturally and carries out the internal “environmental protection work.” Also, as you sweat heavily, various toxics in the body will metabolize and be expelled, leaving your whole body feeling light and burden free.

Badminton is a sport that requires a good sense of balance, coordination, skill and agility over the light object, hte shuttlecock or the bird. Since women in natural are lighter on their feet and more agile than men they actually have an advantage playing badminton. For instance, when a racquet is swung, the power of the lower body has to be used. This kind of borrowing of power undoubtedly necessary for which women has an advantage over men. This is often the reason women chose badminton as their regular sport.

Another important aspect is if one needs a natural glow on the skin, various toxins has to be expelled outside. By playing badminton all these toxins are expelled out through sweat and the elasticity of the skin is naturally preserved. When the vital energy and blood are flowing smoothly, your skin will naturally have a healthy glow.