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The Backhand Smash

Backhand Overhead Smash.(Image Courtesy: panthers.british-school.org).

Backhand Overhead Smash.
(Image Courtesy: panthers.british-school.org).

This technique is one of the most difficult badminton shots to perform in the game of badminton as it requires lot of power and skill.

Do you know the real fact! A baseline to baseline backhand clear requires a lot of power. The badminton backhand smash requires even more power! However, if executed perfectly, this shot will definitely surprise your opponent and make him return a weak reply.

Normally backhand shots are unpredictable because the backhand stroke requires the player to face backwards to play.

To play a good backhand smash, you need real power and a good swing and a correct wrist action. These three has to go in tandem for a good backhand smash. Actually, the wrist action creates a lot of power.

Now lets go through the process of preparing for the backhand smash. Position yourself for a badminton backhand smash with the backhand grip.

Since the badminton backhand smash requires a lot of strength, you’ll need longer pre-loading time to generate the power for your smash. The longer your pre-loading time, the more power you can generate. So you must be fast in switching to the backhand grip in order to give yourself more preloading time. Now Keep your racket arm as close to your body so that you can maximise the backhand swing and remember the correct swinging action is the key for your power. The other hand should be held in a comfortable position for body balance.

The backhand swing should be smooth and should be completed as one single action until you hit the shuttle without any interruptions inbetween. When you are about to make contact with the shuttle, perform a powerful flick with your wrist. Hit the shuttle with a quick “snapping” motion with the flick of your wrist. Always contact the shuttle at the highest possible point for a steeper and for a better angle.

Your wrist action should go along with your backhand swinging motion for generating the maximum power.

After you hit the shuttle, follow through to complete your backhand swing.

After your backhand swing motion is complete, quickly return to your base to prepare for the next shot.

Since the backhand stroke requires you to face away from the opponent and face towards your backhand area, your forehand area is open for a possible reply from your opponent. i.e if your opponent retrieves your backhand smash, and returns it to your forehand area, you might have trouble replying for the shot and also will have a chance of losing your body balance after perform your backhand swing. Therefore you might need longer time to maintain your body balance and recover before you can return to the center for the next reply.

Do not perform this shot unless you’re very sure that you can “kill” your opponent with your backhand smash.