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Hitting The Shuttle To The Same Corner

(Image Courtesy: www.boostenergy.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.boostenergy.com).

Hitting to the same corner is a tiring one for both the players, as both the mind and body gets tired soon by doing some repetitive actions over a period of time.

But it is a good tactic to play several strokes to the same corner before suddenly changing to a new or a different corner. This actually requires great mental as well as physical energy to do so.

When you hit to the same corner, you force your opponent to make the most difficult change of direction, moving to the same direction he must completely destroy his momentum before moving again and the muscles get tired soon than moving to a new direction. This tactic tends to be most effective and also involves a psychological tactic when you use a rear corner.

You should exploit every human weakness you can, including the psychological attitude.

One thing that repeatedly happens over one’s mind is that after you have played a couple of shots to teh same corner, our mind first anticipates another shot to the same corner only. However, you should keep an keen eye over his mental attitude, agility and body movements and once he adapts to the same corner, you should hit to a different corner.