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Hitting The Shuttle To The Four Corners

Four corners. (Image Courtesy: badmintan.blogspot.com).

Four corners.
(Image Courtesy: badmintan.blogspot.com).

In a game of singles, each player has to move and cover all the corners in order to play a rally. However, an experienced player will always push or play the shuttles to the corners and make his opponent move around inorder to get a point. So the basic singles strategy is to apply maximum movement pressure to your opponent, so that he is diverted aways from the center of the court which forms the base.

The logical way to move a player farther away from the center base is to play the shuttles to the corner of the court and the opponent has to travel the maximum distance to play an reply. so you create open spaces in the court.

Of course, your opponent will try to recover and come back to the base position (center of the court) after every shot, by moving back towards the centre. you have to keep moving him from corner to corner, until eventually he fails to make an adequate recovery. Once he falls out of position, you have good chances of winning the rally.