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Stance Position To Receive Service – In Doubles

Doubles Standing Position (Image Courtesy: httpkulergrip.com).

Doubles Standing Position
(Image Courtesy: httpkulergrip.com).

This article will teach you how to prepare for your opponent’s doubles serve.

The first thing to face a serve in doubles is to “Prepare” for the service. If this stage is not done correctly, then the shot will also be not so serious and your opponent may end up in taking your point.

Bad preparation will reduce the quality of your returns too. For Instance, if you have prepared to stand at a wrong place, then your attacking options will be severely reduced since, you will be slow to reach the shuttle and hence produce a faulty net shot or give chance for your opponent to win the rally.

Suppose your opponent serves flat serve, then the serve can completely beat you, as you may be in a position not to even touch the shuttle.

The correct preparation would be to stand near the front side box service line with your non-dominant foot (left foot for a right hander)should be front of you with your knees slightly bent. Stand on your toes on your back foot. We stand in this position for a reason. The reason is we use our back foot to push forward to receive a short serve whereas you can use your front foot to push you backwards to receive a long serve.

The second preparation is hold your racquet high and in a “Neutral” position. “Neutral” position is that one can play forehand and backhands freely. Here, the racquet head should be pointing sideways and not straight. Once you are standing near the front service box and racquet high with “Neutral position”, your opponent has only minimal area for the low serve and may not have the quality. Even your opponent serves high or flat, your stance position will make you ready for the attack.

Practice With Mathias Boe Helped Me Win Title, Accolades Chirag


NAGPUR: Chirag partnered with R Satwik Sai Raj of AP to win the men’s doubles crown in the All India Senior Ranking Badminton tournament which concluded at Cochin on Tuesday after practising with the former world No. 1 men’s doubles champion and former All England champion Mathias Boe of Denmark last week.

Boe, however was on his personal visit here and trained at Goregaon Sports Club for a week.

“Playing with Mathias did help me a lot. In fact, he is proving to be a lucky charm for me. Even if I practice 3-4 days with him before any tournament, I win that tournament,” a jubilant Chirag told TOI on Wednesday.

“Mathias is an experienced player. He is a truly world-class doubles player. I got to learn so many things just by watching him closely. Last week, he guided me on many occasions. If I made any mistake, he was there to point it out and correct it quickly. On court he is very fast and playing with him helps me sharpen my game. I was much more confident in Cochin after a brief stint with him,” said Chirag.

When TOI broke the news to Boe about Chirag’s victory in Cochin, he congratulated the promising lad. “That’s a great result for him. Chirag seems to be a natural doubles player and has an excellent future ahead of him,” said Boe from Denmark.

It has been a remarkable week for Chirag and his partner Satwik. For the first time in their career, Chirag and Satwik played together in a tournament. From qualification to championship, the pair of Chirag and Satwik created a history of sorts.

In five days, the teenage duo played eight matches, including three qualifiers, on their way to triumph. In the final, Chirag and Satwik outclassed Jishnu Sanyal and Shivam Sharma 21-17, 21-18. The unseeded pair of Chirag and Satwik caused three big upsets to clinch the title.

Chirag, aged 18, and Satwik at 15, became the youngest men’s doubles champions at a Senior All India tournament with their combined age of only 33 years.

Chirag and MR Arjun of Kerala are the reigning U-19 boys doubles champions. On the advice of national doubles coach Tan Kim Her of Malaysia, Chirag has now decided to play with Satwik.

“I am happy with win but I didn’t feel like celebrating much. Hopefully many more and much bigger ones are still left to be won. At Cochin we were individually stronger that’s why we managed to win despite playing for the first time. Our combination was okay but we both were better individually,” said Chirag.

Chirag Sen trains at the Uday Pawar badminton Academy, Goregaon Sports Club in Mumbai.

It is noteable that Chirag won the National U-19 boys doubles title after training with Boe few months ago.

Hope We Field Our Biggest Ever Squad At Rio Olympics: Gopichand

Pullela Gopichand.(Image Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com).

Pullela Gopichand.
(Image Courtesy: timesofindia.indiatimes.com).

NEW DELHI: India’s Chief national coach Pullela Gopichand is confident of fielding India’s biggest-ever badminton contingent at the Games.

“Looks like we will have our biggest ever contingent at the Olympics this time and if things go well we will have an entry in every event. Of course, there are important events including India Open Grand Prix Super Series and All England Championships in the lead up and we will know exactly where we stand. All our players have been guilty of not being consistent this year. I hope we are able to address that problem,” Gopichand said here on Wednesday.

The qualification process ends on May 5 and all players ranked among top 16 will get direct quota in the singles. K Srikanth (world No. 9) and P Kashyap (world No. 15) in the men’s singles and Saina Nehwal (world No. 2) and P.V. Sindhu (world No. 12) are eligible for direct qualification as of now. The Indian contingent will have tournaments like the Thomas and Uber Cup and Asian Team Championship in February to improve their rankings.

Gopichand also quoted, “Objectively everyone wants to get clear answers (on Rio Games)… unfortunately I won’t be able to say. But we can look for a better performance. There is still some time left between April end and now. I hope to have the strongest team at Rio.”

“Kashyap has recovered and has started training. He should be ready for PBL. For Srikanth, the end of the year seemed a lot better in the sense that at least the Indonesian Open gave us glimpses of where he could be. He’s a young player and had big victories early on. It’s time for him to adapt, get new strokes,” Gopichand said.

With the rankings in hand, India for the first time will have two men’s singles players, Srikanth and Kashyap for the men singles event.