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Benefits Of Smashing

Flat Vs Steep Smash.(Image Courtesy: www.how-to-play-badminton.com).

Flat Vs Steep Smash.
(Image Courtesy: www.how-to-play-badminton.com).

Players who are agile and athletic like to win their matches in an offensive style, the smashes. Since, these players are well trained and have good strength in their legs can hit more smashes continuously.

Care should be taken to see to that is you are fast, then you are liable to smash, as your opponent simply blocks the shuttle, you should cover the distance and reply to his net shot with another tight spinning net shot. But, on the other hand, if you are slow to reach the shuttle to the net after the smash, then the advantage is your opponents.

On the other hand, a possible reply for a smash is a lift, drive, or long block (push), these all offer yet another chance for you to score your point by smashing again to your opponent.

If you played a smash near the sidelines, then your opponent may not have recovered to the center. Now, smashing the shuttle to the other side is a good option. However, this changes according to the game situation and your feel during the rally.

When countering for a drive, if your are agile and athletic and if your opponent plays a drive above the net, it is advisable to play again a drive to him or direct the drive down and away from your opponent.

The high the shuttle contact, the steeper the smash and the hard lot of work to be done by the opponent to reply the smash. usually steep smashes have weak replies or no replies.

Mersin Turkey International 2015, Mersin – Turkey

Mersin Turkey International 2015.(Image Courtesy:www.youtube.com).

Mersin Turkey International 2015.
(Image Courtesy:www.youtube.com).

Day 4, 20-Dec-2015:

Men’s Singles (Finals):

  1. Harsheel Dani lost to Marc Zwiebler [1] Germany 21-8, 15-21, 21-7.

Day 3, 19-Dec-2015:

Men’s Singles (Quarter Finals):

Harsheel Dani.

  1. Harsheel Dani defeated Dmytro Zavadsky [6] of Ukraine 21-19, 21-16.


Harsheel Dani.

  1. Harsheel Dani defeated Jacob Maliekal [8] of South Africa 16-21, 21-17, 21-7.

Men’s Doubles:

Quarter Finals:


  1. K. Nandagopal\Shlok Ramchandran defeated Haktan Doğan [Q]\TUROsman Uyhan of Turkey 21-17, 21-12.


  1. K. Nandagopal\Shlok Ramchandran lost to Kasper Antonsen\Niclas Nohr of Denmark 21-17, 21-17.

Day 2, 18-Dec-2015:

Men’s Singles:

Round One:

Harsheel Dani.

  1. Harsheel Dani defeated Kestutis Navickas of Lithuania 21-14, 23-21.

Round Two:

Harsheel Dani.

Harsheel Dani.

  1. Harsheel Dani defeated Ukraine’s Danylo Bosniuk 21-9, 21-13.

Women’s Singles:

  1. Lalitha Dahiya lost to Sashina Vignes Waran [8] France (Walkover).

Men’s Doubles:

Round One:



  1. K. Nandagopal\Shlok Ramchandran of India defeated Nuh Baskin\Oguzhan Mehmet Celik of Turkey 21-7 21-9.

Round Two:


  1. K. Nandagopal\Shlok Ramchandran defeated Matthew Chau [2]\Sawan Serasinghe of Australia 21-9, 21-16.

Mixed Doubles (Round One):

  1. Dinesh Chaudhry [4]\Lalita Dahiya lost to Emre Sonmez\Bengisu Ercetin of Turkey (Walkover).

Day 1, 17-Dec-2015 (Qualification Round):

All the Indian Contigents are in the Main Draw.

List of Indian Participants:

Men Singles:

Harshil Dani

Harshil Dani.

sameer verma.

sameer verma.

  1. Harsheel Dani (2).
  2. Sameer Verma (2).

Women Singles:

  1. Lalitha Dahiya

Men Doubles:

Akshay Dewalkar & Pranavu Jerry Chopra.

Akshay Dewalkar & Pranavu Jerry Chopra.

Shlok Ramchandran. (ImageCourtesy: mbl2012.htba.in).

Shlok Ramchandran.
(ImageCourtesy: mbl2012.htba.in).



  1. Akshey Dewalkar\Pranav Jerry Chopra.
  2. Shlock Ramachandran \K. Nandagopal.

Women Doubles:

Sikki Reddy & K. Maneesha.

Sikki Reddy & K. Maneesha.

  1. Neelakuri Sikki Reddy\K. Maneesha.

Mixed Doubles:

Pranav Jerry Chopra & Sikki Reddy.

Pranav Jerry Chopra & Sikki Reddy.

  1. Lalitha Dahiya\Dinesh Choudary.
  2. Sikki Reddy\Pranav Jerry Chopra.

Name of the Tournament: Mersin Turkey International 2015.

Tournament Dates: 17-Dec-2015 to 20-Dec-2015.

Tournament Category: International Challenge.

Venue of the Tournament: Servet Tazegul Sports Hall.

City: Mersin.

Country: Turkey.

Prize Money: USD 15,000/-.