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Smash Defence – The Push

The Push Defence.

The Push Defence.

This is the fourth option encountered for an smashing opponent. These Pushes are normally played in Doubles matches as it falls in between the two Opponent players.

Long blocks are called as “Push” is an intermediate of a net block and a Drive since, it travels farther into court than ordinary blocks and land well beyond the short service line (near the sideline at the centre court).

These are risky shots, because the shuttle continues to rise after passing the net and the player should be ready for another forceful reply from your opponent.

This stroke is usually played to a slow player or the player who is tired. This can be understood from his body language.

One advantage of long blocks is that your opponent cannot play a tight net shot in reply since the shuttle is far away from the net. These long blocks or Pushes like Drives, should be aimed and played away from your opponent.

There is exactly one circumstance when long blocks can be superior to drives i.e when your opponent smashes straight, you can play a cross court long block. Softer the cross court shot, greater the angle.

The advantage of a long block that will make your opponent sick is from the fact that it involves more angling to the sides than a drive. But, care should be taken not to angle the shuttle too acute, so that the shuttle goes out and you lose a point.