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Rearcourt Deception

badminton-jump-smash(Image Courtesy: badminton-coach.co.uk).

badminton-jump-smash(Image Courtesy: badminton-coach.co.uk).

Rearcourt deception usually involves faking a powerful shot but instead playing a soft shot. This is the opposite way of playing araound from forecourt deception strokes.

Mostly three types of shots can be played from the rear court for deceiving the opponent. They are the deceptive drop shots, deceptive clears and deceptive smashes.

Prepare with the ideal position for a full smash or clear, now your initial arm movement should also be fast enough to play a fast smash, but instead playa slow drop shot by slowing the action as th end. Here, more innovative is playing the reverse slice for both forehand drop and cross court forehand drop. On the backhand, slice may be used for the cross-court and reverse slice for the straight drop.

Sometimes you can play a clear by faking with a drop shot. Start with a slow swing, as if playing for a slow drop and then accelerate it at the last moment to play a punch clear.

You can also fake a player as if playing a fast smash but ending with a slow drop. Prepare the whole episode and with fast action, jump everything for a jump smash, but finally reducing the momentum to a slow drop, thus deceiving the opponent.