Forecourt Deception – Cross-Court Deception


This net shot deception is an enjoyable one, where for the first time, there is an possibility of leaving the opponent unaware of where the shuttle is actually going. The name of this deception shot near the net is called the “Cross-court deception”. However, there are variations in playing a net shot for deceiving your opponent about the direction of your net shots.

If the shuttle is over the net, hold the racquet in front of you as if going to play a straight net shot, but suddenly drop your arm down and rotate your arm so that your racquet head turns to face cross-court. Here, the point to be noted is the racquet should be held at the same height, even though your hand and elbow drops.

Now, your opponent expecting a straight drop will have to change direction, move and stretch down to play the shuttle which would have been already inches away from touching the ground. So, the reply from your opponent would be a weak one or he may not successfully reach the shuttle for a possible reply.

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