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The Slice Deception

Deception. (Image Courtesy: www.how-to-play-badminton.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.how-to-play-badminton.com).

As discussed earlier, deception is a technique used to fool around your opponent, making him to move in the wrong direction while the shuttle moves in another direction to earn a point.

There are several techniques and ways that can be used to deceive the opponent. One of the technique sued to deceive the opponent is “Slicing”.

Slicing the shuttle involves hitting the shuttle with an angled racquet face. i.e the racquet moves straight and the shuttle gets sliced on impact and moves at an angle different from the racquets direction. So, here the opponent gets confused with the “Slicing” action and moves in the direction of the racquet and not in the direction of the shuttle, thus the opponent getting deceived.

This Slicing action has two important effect on the shuttle. one, It changes the direction of the shot and two, It reduces the speed of the shot.

Slices can be used to give the appearance of playing a powerful shot in one direction, but actually playing a softer shot in a different direction.