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Interval Training For Badminton (Off Court)

Interval training. (Image Courtesy: www.eliteintervaltraining.com).

Interval training.
(Image Courtesy: www.eliteintervaltraining.com).

The Interval training is a type of physical training that involves training and rest periods on a periodical basis. The high intensity periods are close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods have lower intensity thus allowing the person to exercise for longer and / or more intense levels.

Interval training can be done on-court and off-court and refers to any of the cardiovascular workouts Viz., cycling, running, rowing, etc., and is one of th ewell known training routines for many sports.

Athletes in many disciplines use this type of training.

For example, you go to a athlete track and plan do an Interval training and set the time for 15 minutes.

Start your sessions first by doing your basic warm routines. A professional athletic track is 400 meters. when ready, jog/briskwalk the first 100 meters. The next 100 meters you have to increase the work intensity by running a stride. Once you cross the 100 meter mark again walk/jog for the next 100 meters. This high-low intensity, where you train the heart for low as well high intensity workout at the same time is called as the Interval training. You have to complete this training for 15 minutes. Adequate rest is essential between repetitions when you plan to again do the interval training for the next 15 minutes.

Proper cool down exercises are also to be done after the Interval training is completed for recovering from training fatigue.

Manu Attri, Sumeet Pair out of USA Open 2015 In Semis

USA International 2015

ORLANDO: The top Indian doubles pair, Manu Attri and B. Sumeet Reddy fought their way, but could not make it to the doubles finals in the progressing Yonex-USA Open 2015 tournament here in ClearOne Badminton Centre, Orlando, USA.

The top Indian pair was outsed by the Chinese Taipei players Chia Yu Lin and Hsiao-Lin Wu 16-21, 17-21 in 32 minutes.

(Image Courtesy: Youtube.com).

(Image Courtesy: Youtube.com).

The first game saw the Chinese Taipei player playing a better strategy than the Indian player and were always ahead of the Indian pair. The Indians managed to level the scores with the Chinese pair but, could not and lost the first game 16-21. The Indian pair managed to scores with the Chinese pair at 1-1 only and later could not catch up with the Chinese.

The second game was a better game than the first one, as the Indian duo fought neck to enck and kept the scores equalled with the Chinese pair till 9-9. From here, the Chinese pair again started to break lose as the Indians made some mistakes in therally, taht opened up the lead to the Chinese and surged ahead of the Indians and wrapped the second game 17-21.

Srikanth Has It Easy, Sails Into Semis Of The Indonesian Masters 2015

Indonesia Masters Open 2015

MALANG (INDONESIA): The Top seed in the tournament and the currently ranked World No.9 Srikanth booked his place in the semifinals in the progressing Indonesian Masters 2015 tournament here in Gedung Graha Cakrawala, Malang, Indonesia on Friday 4th December 2015.


Kidambi Srikanth.
(ImageCourtesy: www.freepressjournal.in).

Srikanth had it easy in the quarters, beating the 15th seed Teck Zhi Soo 21-10, 21-5 of Malaysia in 24 minutes in their first career meet.

It was a clear stage od domination where initially starting the game with a 6-0 advantage, and again to a 15-2 advantage to wrap up the first game against the Malaysian 21-10.

The second game was even better for Srikanth, as he again started the game with a 5-0 advantage, scoring points continuously and steadily helped him wrap up the second game and the match 21-5.

The World No.9 will take on Indonesia’s Ginting Anthony in the semifinals.

Antony has a career 1-0 advantage over Srikanth.

Sindhu Crashes In Quarters, Out Of The Yonex-Sunrise Indonesian Masters 2015

Indonesia Masters Open 2015

MALANG (INDONESIA): There was an upset waiting to happen for Sindhu, as she crashed out of the progressing Indonesian Masters 2015 tournament at the Gedung Graha Cakrawala here on Friday, 03 December 2015.

P.V. Sindhu. (Image Courtesy: www.india.com).

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy: www.india.com).

Sindhu, took easily the chinese, whom she she has never played before. But, the athletic chinese matched with Sindhu’s speed and more and ousted Sindhu in the Quarter Finals 21-23, 13-21 in a match that lasted for 36 minutes only.

Bing Jiao He was equally as powerful as Sindhu, as Sindhu found out difficult to read the opponents game, as she took the Chinese lightly,

The Chinese started the points tally with an 2-0 early lead. But, Sindhu went straight to a 4-2 lead after which the Chinese was in full command of the game until Sindhu managed to catch up with the Chinese and levelled the scores at 15-15. Of late Sindhu realized the game is going away from her hands put a vliant fight, but only to hand over the first to the Chinese 23-21 under pressure.

The second game too Saindhu little workout as the Chinese was a flyer in the next, as she raised to an lead of 15-5, a 10 point deficit. The Chinese was scoring points as at a regular pace and was at match point 20-7. One of the least scores Sindhu has ever taken, took 6 points in a row. But, the Chinese was in a clear position to send Sindhu ut of the tournament 21-13.