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Weight Training For Badminton

Upper Body Weight Training.(Image Courtesy:  (www.summitmedicalgroup.com).

Upper Body Weight Training.
(Image Courtesy: (www.summitmedicalgroup.com).

As a badminton player it is important to improve one’s physical filness when playing badminton by doing weight training apart from other routines like sprinting, jogging, jumping, stretching etc,.

You have to acquire the power and endurance for long rallies and longer matches and sometimes, without rest during rallies.

Another more important reason for doing weight training in badminton is to prevent injuries like shoulder dislocation, tennis elbow which may lack in muscle strength or inadequate weight training.

Weight training done to strengthen your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints and the muscles that surround them. In addition, it is also done to strengthen abdominal, back and lower back muscles, which will help you in stretching, smashing, lunging forward and diving when playing badminton.

Weight training exercises used to strengthen the forearms and arms can be done using dumb-bells.

For strengthening your chest and shoulder muscles to give you power during smashing, push-ups can be done.

Similarly to strengthen your forearms, arms, back and chest muscles, routine pull ups in a horizontal bar cn be the best choice since we make use of our own body weight to execute these exercises.

For abdominal muscles, Sit-ups are ideal workouts.

For strengthening one’s thigh and calf muscles, squats with weights are to be regularly done.

Lower Body Exercise.(Image Courtesy:  (homefitnessequipmentnew.blogspot.com).

Lower Body Exercise.
(Image Courtesy: (homefitnessequipmentnew.blogspot.com).

For strengthening calf muscles, seated calf raise is done. i.e, one supports the weights on his thighs and raises the ankle from the floor by lifting the weights and calf press in a leg press machine can also be done.

Usually weight training in badminton is recommended twice or thrice weekly amidst other exercises is a well crafted schedule.

Another important message to all the badminton players is that the ideal age to start the weight training is at the age of 20 years. Because, till that age, bone growth occurs in adults. When weight training is done before that, there is a risk of reducing the growth control of the bone, which can stunt the growth of that particular bone resulting in deformity.