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The Steps Pattern: The Shuttle Picking/Run (Multishuttle) – All Directions

 (Image Courtesy: www.youtube.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.youtube.com).

The shuttle run is one of the most effective methods of building strength to one’s legs and also to improve one’s endurance and movement inside the badminton court.

The shuttle picking is half the same technique as the shuttle run, but varies only in the movement and direction where a player moves inside the court along with the shuttle. For a beginner, place 3 or 4 shuttles on the ground with the feathers touching the round in a upright position at the forehand net corner under the net over the net line. Now, the player has to start from the center with a split jump for the first shuttle, run towards the forehand net corner keep the racquet leg front, the other leg back for balance, bend down, reach to the shuttle and pick one shuttle at a time. Now the player has to back run to the centre, do a split jump run to the rear forehand court when he reaches near the rear service line, keep the racquet leg front, the other leg back for balance, bend down, place the shuttle on the last rear court singles line. Turn in an anti-clockwise direction,
again run to the center do the split jump run front to grab the other shuttle.

Complete this drill until all the shuttles arrive to the forehand rear court. Now for the last shuttle, just
place the last shuttle on the ground still on your hand, now run to the centre of the court, do a split jump and run diagonally to the backhand forecourt with the shuttle in your hand keep the racquet leg front, the other leg back for balance, bend down, place the shuttle on the front line under the net. Make sure all the shuttles arrive here.

Now pick the shuttles one by one from the backhnad forehand court to the backhand rear court. follow the above procedures, after placing the first shuttle, turn to your right and run to the centre and proceed as usual. Make sure all the shuttles arrive at the backhand rear court.

For the last shuttle, now move ahead diagonally to the place from where you picked the first shuttle at the forehand forecourt and place the shuttle one by one for completing the schedule.

This footwork can be improvised by clocking with time.

29th Sub-Junior National Badminton Tournament 2015 Starts in Vizag

Opening Cermony file photo.

Opening Cermony file photo.
(Image Courtesy: www.kittu.com).

VISHAKAPATNAM: The 29th sub-junior national badminton championship 2015 commenced at Swarnanharati indoor stadium here today.

“Players from 28 states and seven Union Territories and 500 shuttlers are taking part in the five-day tournament,” said Badminton Association of India Secretary Ch Punnaiah Choudary.

He said the venues for the U-13 and U-15 boys and girls’ matches will be the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation’s Swarnabharati indoor stadium and Port indoor stadium.

The event was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao.

“The government recently announced the Sports Policy in which it had announced several welfare schemes for the sportspersons and also reward and prize for them,” the minister said.

Rao said that government’s aim was to convert the state into a sports hub by providing best infrastructure.

“Visakhaptnam will become a sports centre in AP as the city is having the best infrastructure for sports in form of indoor and outdoor stadia and also an international cricket stadium,” he said, adding that government has decided to construct a sports stadium on the lines of Gachibowli in Hyderabad and a sports complex with the help of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant.

Rao said former international badminton player Pullela Gopichand also willing and expecting to build a badminton academy in the city.