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The Attacking Clear

(Image Courtesy: www.badminton-information.com).

(Image Courtesy: www.badminton-information.com).

The attacking clear is a clever shot played by a player to catch the opponent midway unwary and send him to the rear court for almost a get-caught situation. Here the shuttle travels almost flat at a much higher speed and not high as a conventional toss and falls vertically down at the rear service box with the same speed.

The speed and the flatness of the hit makes it a very powerful stroke. It is also called as a “Pinch Clear” or “Attacking Clear” or “Attacking Toss”, like you play the toss with the speed of a smash.

A good player knows when to capitalize on this stroke. This is a very powerful stroke to get a quick point at the rear badminton court. Even as the opponent tries to retrieve the shuttle, it will 99% a weak reply and a loose shot where the opponent can easily win a point. After a player plays this stroke, he can expect a reply only to the mid court or the front service box that too hight enough for a kill.

The Attacking clear is played more on the forehand side than on the backhand side.