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The Block Jump

The Block Jump Shot. (Image Courtesy:

The Block Jump Shot.
(Image Courtesy:

The block jump is also an important footwork technique used to intercept the shuttlecock with a forehand or round-the-head forehand action for a quick point.

The block jump is performed by taking off with both the legs straight in the sir with your hands too in full strtch to block the shuttle and land with the same foot position you started. Here the body position is in defensive mode, so your body should initiate the next movement toward sth shuttle.

This jump is also done sometimes in the sideways also, as in this case, the body is positioned parallel to the net. The important factor to note here is that when jumping to the forehand side, your right foot will lead and while jumping to the backhand side, your left foot will lead, so your foot don’t cross over at any time and remain wide apart throughout the jump.

When you do the block jump to your right side, you usually land with both feet together. But, Whenever you are forced to jump out to your left while playing the round-the-head forehand, your body is less balanced. So, you will be forced to land with your left foot. But remember to put your right foot to the ground as soon as possible!

The Scissors Jumps


The Scissors jump is none of the hot favourite footwork technique incurred by offensive players. This jump is used by a player as the last movement when hitting overhead forehands i.e, Scissor jumps allows you to play more powerful forehands like the punch clear or fast drop shots, because you get your feet off the ground and turn your body and shoulders and helps you make a quick recovery forwards, or a quick smash and to rebound to the front of the court because you can push forwards with your left foot as soon as you land on the ground and your body posture helps you to move fast forward.

It’s called a scissor jump because the legs swap positions while in the air. This footwork technique requires complete fitness and perfect body posture to execute this shot or else there is a risk of injuring the ankles and joints while landing after the scissors jump is made. The legs has to be strong enough to execute and land perfectly after the scissors jump.

This jump techniqueis practiced by standing at the back of the court, in a sideward position with your right foot back and your left foot forward. Now jump straight off the ground, turning your body as you hit the shuttlecock, so that your feet changes the places when they land i.e, your right foot is now in front, with your left foot behind and your body will often still be moving backwards due to the drag of the legs in changing position as you make a scissor jump.

Badminton lunges Or The Lunge Technique

The lunge. (Image Courtesy:

The lunge.
(Image Courtesy:

The lunge is one of the most fundamental skills requires to play abadminton as a badminton player. This footwork is essentila to be used in the badminton court to play badminton, both in regular training schedules and in competitive badminton scenerio.

Lunges are the final footstep involved to be in position with your foot well away from your body in a low posture with the lunging knee bent before one hits hits the shuttle to finish your movement.

A proper lunge posture is to keep the upper body upright throughout the lunge, the corresponding racquet foot should be in front, aligned to the direction of the shuttle with your knees bent for balance and your arms above your legs to give you the maximum reach towards hitting the shuttle. For most right handed players, they should lunge with their leading right foot to stay in balance and arms above their legs for maximum reach.

If one fails to control the upper body movement, then the player has to bend at the waist too much and will have difficulty in recovering for the next shot. If your lunge technique is slightly wrong, you will damage your knees or ankles. So care should be taken to see to it that whatever direction you are lunging in, your leading foot must point that way only thus avoiding injuries.

Another common error most beginners tend to make is that contacting the floor with the toe first, or all of the foot together. You must make contact with the ground with your heel first then move into the rest of the foot. This is done deliberately by throwing out your lower leg in the direction of your lunge, so that your toes are points upwards. This footwork is all set for a player by doing shadow badminton drills or shuttle run or multishuttle drills with conscious effort.

By practicing this foot contact, you will considerably reduce the pressure from your joints.

Sindhu All Set To Defend Her Hat-Trick Title In Finals At 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

P.V. Sindhu.(Image Courtesy:

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy:

MACAU: P.V. Sindhu, the lone women’s Singles player in the tournament after H.S. Prannoy and Sai bowed out of the 2015 Macau Open Grand Prix Gold tournamnet in the Quarter Finsl on Friday is all set to defend her title here for the third time.

Sindhu, seeded 5th in the tournament in the absence of Saina, has sailed in the correct path to reach the finals of the USD120,000 prize money tournament here in Macau.

Sindhu defeated Akane Yamaguchi of Japan 21-8, 15-21, 21-16 in her semifinal match which lasted for 1 hour and 03 minutes.

Minatsu Mitani. (Image Courtesy:

Minatsu Mitani.
(Image Courtesy:

Sindhu will meet Minatsu Mitani, seeded 6th in the tournament for her title clash at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion on Sunday.

Sai loses In Quarter finals Of The Macau Open 2015

Macau Open

MACAU: B. Sai Praneeth also lost his quarter finals match in the progressing 2015 Macau Grand prix Gold tournament at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, here in Macau on Friday.

Sai, seeded 15th here, in the tournament lost to a better player from Malaysia Goh Soon Huat 21-16, 21-23 and 21-13 in 1 hour and 07 minutes. It was a great fightback for Sai as he fought to the Malaysian at a crucial juncture at 21-21 to push the game for a decider.

B. Sai Praneeth.(Image Courtesy:

B. Sai Praneeth.
(Image Courtesy:

Actually Sai, should have capitalized on the first game but changing tactics, but did not do that and the Malaysian ended the game in his favour 21-16. Had Sai won the first game, he would have had the confidence is wrapping up the second in his favour.

However, the second game was the real match and experience for Sai, where he almost made the Malaysian to look odd. Sai started the second game well to a flying start 6-1 and was hailing ahead of the Malaysian till the Malaysian caught up with Sai at 15-15. From this point the Malaysian was in the lead ahead of Sai, when Sai made one effort and caught up with Huat at 20-20. Sai later wrapped the second game 23-12 to push the match to a decider.

The third game, saw Sai not moving enough. It was one time whrn Sai managed to level the scores with the Malaysian was at 2-2. After which teh malaysian took full control of the game and went for lead at more times than Sai and Sai could not catch up with the Malaysian and lost the third game 21-13.


Prannoy loses In Quarter finals Of The Macau Open 2015

Macau Open

MACAU: H.S. Prannoy lost his match in the progressing Macau Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion here in Macau.

H.S Prannoy.(Image Courtesy:

H.S Prannoy.
(Image Courtesy:

H.S. Prannoy, seeded 7th here, lost to Ihsan Maulana Mustofa [16] of Indonesia 18-21, 21-19, 21-11 in 59 minutes to be precise. When Prannoy reached the scores of 18-19  and 19-20 in favour of the Indonesian, failed to convert this chance of winning the second game and pushed for a decider to lose the match.

In the first game, it was the Indonesian who started the note, but Prannoy quickly reeled to get a good lead of 3-0 and continued scoring points ahead of the Indonesian, when he was caught up at 8-8. From here the Indonesian went way ahead of Prannoy. At one point the score looked 17-13 in favour of the indonesian. Again Prannoy had to fight back his way to level the scores at 17-17 and surged ahead of the Indonesian by scoring 4 quick points wrapping hte first game 21-18 in Prannoy’s favour.

The second one was a clear battle, where the Indonesian and the Indian exchanged neck to neck battles. The Indonesian was ahead of the Indian and was levelled by the Indian at two circumstances at 6-6 and at 12-12. After which the Indonesian slowly but gradually tend to move away from the Indian. It was 19-20 in favour of the Indonesian, where Prannoy lost a crucial point and lost the second game to the Indonesian 21-19.

The third game was the Indonesian way as the Indonesian was scoring points consistently and now the Indian was feeling to be tired and lost his momentum for a fight and handed over the match to the Indonesian 21-11.



Sindhu Marches Into Semi Finals Of The Macau Open 2015

Macau Open

P.V. Sindhu.(Image Courtesy:

P.V. Sindhu.
(Image Courtesy:

MACAU: P V Sindhu continued her dream run for retaining her women’s singles title at the Macau Open Grand Prix Gold on Friday as she reached the semifinals with a hard-fought three-game win over China’s Chen Yufei at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion on Friday.

Sindhu defeated Chen 21-13, 18-21, 21-14 in the Quarter Finals match that lasted 54 minutes.

Sindhu is now the lone Indian Survivor left in the tournament after the men’s singles players B. Sai Praneeth and H. S. Prannoy lost their respective matches in the Quarter Finals on Friday.

The two-time World Championship bronze-medallist and a two time defender for this title Sindhu will face Akane Yamaguchi of Japan in the semi Finals on Saturday.

Srikanth, Prannoy, Jayaram Go Down In Latest BWF Ranking


NEW DELHI: India’s Top shuttler’s K Srikanth, H S Prannoy and Ajay Jayaram moved down a place each in the latest BWF-badminton ranking released on 26th November 2015.

Saina and P. V. Sindhu, who is currently defending her title at Macau Open, are maintaining their current ranking positions.

A series of few early exits and not having consistent performance have made the world rankings slip down for Srikanth, Prannoy and Jayaram to the 8th, 20th and 25th positions respectively.

Injured Parupalli Kashyap saw a one place rise in his ranking to reach the 14th place.

In the Men’s doubles category, the current top pair of Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy went up a place to the top 20 once again.

In the women’s doubles category, Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa are also static in their current 12 position.

Prannoy Fights His Way To Quarters In 2015 Macau Open

Macau Open

MACAU: One of the Indian contentors H.S. Prannoy fought his way through to the Quarter Finals in the progressing here on Thursday.

H.S. Prannoy.(ImageCourtesy: badminton Photo).

H.S. Prannoy.
(ImageCourtesy: badminton Photo).

Prannoy, was at his best in the match and in the tournament, as it is a rare occurance that a Chinese player is defeated in the 2nd and 3rd games. The Indian fought his way back with the Chinese Bin QIAO and won the match 21-12, 11-21, 19-21. The match lasted for 1 hour and 5 minutes.

The match was started of with the point from Prannoy later Bin equalled the scores at 2-2. It was from here, the chinese raised to a formidable lead and at one point the scores looked 11-3 in favour of Bin. Prannoy was struggling to get the bird right and made many unforced errors. Prannoy could not catch up with Bin as he had already points away from wrapping the first game. The Chinese won 21-12. Prannoy decided to take on Bin in the next two games.

The second game was a crucial game for the Indian. However, the change of sides did the magic for Prannoy, as of now the Chinese was struggling with the bird. Prannoy capitalized on the situation and made a good and quick work on the Chinese to push the game to the decider. Prannoy won the second game 21-11.

It was the third game, that saw the battle between the two. Prannoy went for a early lead of 6-0, which made all the difference. But, Bin soon caught up with Prannoy and levelled thescores at 10-10. It was a neck to neck battle from 10-10 till 17-17. Here Prannoy took a two point lead to 19-17. But the Chinese again put on fight to inch closer to Prannoy at 20-19. Prannoy made his final statement clear with his experience he acquired all these days to outwit the Chinese 21-19.

Prannoy, seeded 7th here, will face next Ihsan Maulana MUSTOFA [16] of Indonesia for a place in the Semi Finals.

Srikanth And Saina Qualify For BWF-World Superseries Finals 2015 In Dec

Dubai super series Finals

DUBAI: Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth are the only two Indian shuttlers qualified for the BWF World Superseries Finals to be played at the Hamdan Sports Complex, Dubai from December 9-13 2015.

The tournament sees the top eight players/pairs of the world compete in all the five categories of the sport viz., singles (men’s and women’s) and doubles (men’s, women’s and mixed) events.


Saina Nehwal.
(image Courtesy:

Saina, ranked world no 2 currently qualified quite comfortably, finishing fifth with 59,650 points.

In men’s singles, China’s Tian Houwei, who finished seventh, missed out as only two players from a member association, in this case China, are eligible to contest. As two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan and reigning World Champion Chen Long qualified as No.1 and 5 respectively, Tian had to miss out from the competiton.


Kidambi Srikanth. (Image Courtesy:

Kidambi Srikanth.
(Image Courtesy:

Since Tian couldn’t qualify Srikanth was able to make the list despite finishing ninth. The Indian grabbed his spot.

Srikanth has 44,940 points to his credit.

In women’s doubles, Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa missed the mark by two spots as they finished 10th as India also did not see anyone qualifying from men’s and mixed doubles.

Saina, reached the finals of this event in 2011, while Srikanth qualified last year.