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The Backhand Clear Or Toss

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The first thing to do for hitting a backhand toss is to set and feel the right grip and the position you get into for hitting the shuttle. Thes two things are the primary aspects to be made clear for a backhand clear.

One should make use of the backhand grip tightened firmly when you hit the shuttle to transfer power efficiently into the shuttle.

When you get ready for a backhand clear and got to move the position to play the stroke, your elbow should be low, at the height of the chest, and your racquet high, your arm and wrist relaxed.

When you hit the shttle, raise your elbow and drop your hand behind th shoulders, so that the racket is pointing downwards. After hitting the shuttle, immediately stop the racket and do not attempt for a follow-through.

Indian Shuttlers Reign Supreme @ The Victor-Rayan Bahrain International Series 2015

Victor-Rayan Baharain International Series 2015

BAHRAIN: The Indian shuttlers have already marked their presence in the progressing Victor-Rayan Bahrain International Series 2015 here in Bahrain.

In the Men’s singles semi finals clash, it will be between the indians, Sameer Verma [1] will face Aditya Joshi also from India later today. In the other men’s singles semi finals clash Pratul Joshi will take on Subhankar Dey [8] also from India later today.

In the Women’s singles match, Saili Rane [2], seeded two here will take on Alesia Zaitsava of Belarus later today. While the Men’s doubles pair of Vineeth Manuel and S. Sanjeeth will face Pak Chuu Chow/Kay Ee Yeoh of Malaysia later today.

Men’s Singles, An All Indian Affair At The Victor-Rayan International Series 2015

Victor-Rayan Baharain International Series 2015

BAHRAIN: It was almost like witnessing a BAI national match in India in the Victor-Rayan International Series badminton tournament here in Bahrain.

In the Men’s Singles category, it will be an all Indian clash in the semi final and a title clash in the finals.

Aditya Joshi.

Aditya Joshi.

Earlier in the quarter finals, Aditya Joshi won against Sarang Lakhanee also of India 25-23, 21-14. While, Pratul Joshi ousted Harsheel Dani of India 21-13, 21-17 and Subhankar Dey [8] defeated Abhishek Yelegar also from India 25-23, 21-18.



Sameer Verma.(Image Courtesy:

Sameer Verma.
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Sameer Verma [1], seeded No.1 here, was the lone Indian to play his singles match against Heri Setiawan of Bahrain and won him comfortably 21-17, 21-13.

In the Men’s Doubles section Vineeth Manuel and S. Sanjeeth pair defeated Amrullo Bakhshullaev [3] and Artyom Savatyugin of Uzbekistan 21-17, 21-13 to register their win and enter into the semi finals.

In the women’s singles match Saili Rane came the better of Turkey’s Cemre Fere 21-9, 21-13.

In the Women’s doubles quarter finals match S. Poorvisha Ram and Arathi Sara Sunil defeated Cemre Fere [2] and Ebru Yazgan doubles pair from Turkey 21-7, 21-14.

Indian Shuttlers Fair Well In Pre-Quarters Of The Victor-Rayan International Series 2015

Victor-Rayan Baharain International Series 2015

BAHRAIN: Almost all the Indian Contigents participating in the Victor-Rayan badminton tournament here have their dream run intact against their opponents as most of them winning their respective rounds and moving ahead.

In the Men’s Singles matches, Sameer Verma [1] and Sarang Lakhanee won their respective matches against the Pakistan players. While Sameer Verma [1] won against Awais Zahid of Pakistan 21-17, 21-12 in straight sets. Sarang Lakhanee won against Murad Ali of Pakistan 21-16, 11-21, 21-10 in the decider.

Other Indian Men’s Singles players like Pratul Joshi, Harsheel Dani, Abhishek Yelegar, Subhankar Dey [8] and Adithya Joshi all won their respective matches to move ahead to the Quarter Finals.

In the Women’s Singles match India’s Saili Rane [2] won against Veronika Sorokina of Kazakhstan 21-14, 13-21, 21-18. While Lalitha Dhaiya treired hurt against Li Lian Yang of Malaysia at 10-3.

In the Men’s Doubles match Vineeth Manuel and S. Sanjeeth won against Uzbekistan’s Amrullo Bakhshullaev [3], Artyom Savatyugin pair 21-17, 21-13.

Sai Out of Bitburger Open 2015

Bitburger Open 2015

SAARBRUCKEN (Germany): B. Sai Praneeth lost his men’s singles pre-quarterfinal match to England’s Rajiv Ouseph here. The Indian challenge came to an end with the losing match of B. Sai Praneeth.

Sai seeded 16th in the tournament tried his best to win against Ouseph but, eventually went down 21-17, 6-21, 18-21 in 50 minutes.

In the first game, Sai was playing his best badminton and was well ahead and always in lead of Ouseph till 11-9. Then Ouseph managed to level the scores at 11-11. Then again Sai moves ahead. But Ouseph again caught the scores to be leveled at 14-14 and 15-15. From this score Sai straight away raised to a four point lead to 19-15. Then Ouseph managed to take two points while Sai finished the first game in his favour 21-17.

In the second game, Ouseph was at the top and started with an early lead of 2-0. Ouseph was i na steady state and never let Sai to settle down and took more consistent points than Sai and at one time teh score looked like 12-6. Then Sai managed to take one point ahead while, Ouseph finsied the second with a straight scoring of points from 12 to 21, ending the second in Ouseph’s favour 21-7 and compelled for a decider.

In the decider, it was a neck to neck affair till 14-14, after which Sai ws slow in his movements that made Ouseph to take his additional advantage and took lead that Sai never caught up and finshed the third game 21-18 in Ouseph’s favour.

This was the first match between the two shuttlers.

The Drive

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(Image courtesy:

The drive is some what a advanced stroke to be mastered apart from the basic stokes since it requires fitness and special skill to master it. This stroke is usually performed whenever a player is out of position, runs to the shuttle and tries to hit the shuttle with a strong forehand whip action that makes the shuttle travel horizontally meters away from the net and goes to the rear court of any side of the badminton court depending on the racquets face direction.

This stroke particularly requires sheer timing skills to move fast to the shuttle and hit the shuttle before you or close to your trunk before it touches the ground.

This stroke is usually played from the mid court or inbetween the mid court and the rear court.

Indian Shuttlers Fare Well in Victor-Rayan International series 2015

Victor-Rayan Baharain International Series 2015

BHARAIN: The Indian men’s team faired well in the Victor-Rayan International Series 2015 badminton tournament, here in Bahrain.

Except on day 1,  Ajay Kumar who gave a walkover to Sanjay Jaimy of Bahrain, the rest of the indian won all thier respective singles matches.

Today the Men’s singles, women’s singles and the mixed doubles team will play their quarter finals.

Match results (Men’s Singles):

  1. Sameer Verma [1] won against Uzbekistan’s Amrullo Bakhshullaev 21-6, 21-4.
  2. Sarang Lakhanee won against Anirudh Rajeev of 21-6, 21-12.
  3. Pratul Joshi won against Alen Roj [7] of Slovenia 24-22, 18-21, 21-16.
  4. Harsheel Dani won against Jarolim Vicen [4] of Slovakia 21-12, 21-7.
  5. Abhishek Yelegar won against against Ali Ahmed El Khateeb of Egypt 21-7, 21-11.
  6. Subhankar Dey [8] won against Kay Ee Yeoh of Malaysia 21-6, 21-16.

Jwala-Ashwini Pair Lose In Second Round @ Bitburger Open 2015

Bitburger Open 2015

SAARBRUCKEN (Germany): Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa, lost in their second round encounter at the Bitburger Open 2015 yesterday here in Saarbruken.

The Top Indian women’s doubles seeded second here earlier got a first round bye, lost to the Dutch pair of Samantha Barning and Iris Tabeling 23-21, 13-21, 26-24.

The match lasted for 51 minutes to be precise.

The first game was indeed a good starter for the indian pair who took the initial lead of 3-0, and 4-2 and was only the two times the indian pair was head up and then the dutch girls played their original game where the indian duo did not go for a full momentum and never let the indian pair come near them, until the indian pair got ahead for one last time from 20-17 to  21-20. Here the indian girls missed an oppurtunity to poacke the first game.But the danish girls raised for three straight points and won the first game 23-21.

The second game was an entirely different one, where the indian pair di not allow the danish pair to come neat them by having consistent leads ideally at times when they needed it and finsihed the second game at 21-13.

In the decider, both the teams took on leads until 14-12 in favour of the danish pair. After which it was a neck-to-neck affair. The danish pair was in constant lead of two points untill the indian pair managed for a score level at 24-24. From then on the danish pair took two pints in a row to win the deveider 26-24.

The Lob Or Lift

(Image Courtesy:

(Image Courtesy:

The lift or lob is the stroke performed by a player for a reply against his opponent playing a drop shot, either inside the front service box or for a long drop shot to make him move to the forehand rear court or to his backhand rear court.

Forehand lob:
For this if the player is a right handed, then his right leg should be bent down and stretched in front, his other leg stretched back for balance, upper body straight and slightly leaned forward. Noe swing your hand from back to front and lift (hit) the shuttle high by using the forehand grip.

Backhand Lob:
The same stroke can be played from the backhand front court where if the player is a right handed, then his right leg should be bent down and stretched in front, his  other leg stretched back for balance, upper body straight and slightly leaned forward. Now take your racquet away and front of your left arm and swing your hand from back to front and lift (hit) the shuttle high by using the backhand grip.

Sporty Solutionz Moves To Court With A Fresh Petition Against BAI


DELHI: Sporty Solutionz Pvt Limited (SSPL), brand owners and commercial partners for the Indian Badminton League (IBL) first edition, has moved to the Delhi High Court with a fresh petition against the Badminton Association of India (BAI) in the interest of protecting their intellectual property rights.

BAI appointed SSPL in 2013 as their Marketing partner for the IBL first edition which was held from August 14 to 31, 2013 across six Indian cities viz., Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bengaluru and Pune. However, for the next two years (2014 and 2015), the League did not happen.

The second edition of IBL is now all set to return in January next year, BAI has decided to organise the IBL 2nd edition in January 2016 along with a new partner “Sportzlive”.

As a result, SSPL, who had invested heavily to deliver a highly successful season one and create the brand IBL, have pleaded in the court for protection of their intellectual property rights.

“We on behalf of our clients, M/s Sporty Solutionz Pvt Ltd have applied for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights of our clients. We have invested heavily to build the Brand IBL. This is also associated with our goodwill.

“We have pleaded in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi to restrict any other party from using the name, logo, title or any Intellectual Property associated with Brand Indian Badminton League or IBL,” said the Sporty Solutionz counsel, Sanjeev Kumar.