Kancheepuram District Badminton Championship 2014 Results

Kancheepuram District Badminton Championship 2014 will be held at Arena Badminton Court and Spark Badminton Academy from June 6th to June 8th 2014.

Events : MS, MD,BS U19,BD U19,GS U19,GD U19,BS U17,BD U17,GS U17,GD U17,BS U15,BD U15,GS U15,GD U15,BS U13,GS U13,BS U10,GS U10

Results updated as of  08-June-2014

Kanchipuram District Champions :

Kanchipuram district champions

Kanchipuram district champions

Double for Vembarasan

V. Vembarasan ( Arena ) clinched both the men’s singles and doubles title at the Kancheepuram District Badminton Championship Kancheepuram District Badminton Championship held recently. M.K. Sahanna (FBC) too won two titles, the women’s and under 19 singles crowns

Men’s Singles :

  • V. Vembarasan (Arena) beat A. Aditya Elango 19-21,21-13,21-16

Men’s Doubles :

  • M. Prakash and V. Vembarasan beat S. Velu and D. Vimal Raj 21-16,21-19

Women’s Singles :

  • M.K. Sahanaa (FBC) beat S.Arushi Sharma (FBC) 17-21,21-18,21-17.

Boys Singles Under-19 :

  • K.S Harish (FBC) beat S. beat S.kishore 19-21,21-13,21-13

Girl’s Singles Under-19 :

  • M.K Sahanaa beat S. Arushi Sharma (FBC) 21-19,19-21,22-20

Boys Doubles Under-19 :

  • R. Prashanth and SaranRaj (Arena) beat S. Kishore and R. Diwakar Rao 21-13,11-21,21-18

Boys Singles Under-17 :

  • S. Abhijith Sharma (FBC) beat S. Kishore (FBC) 21-17,21-19

Girl’s Singles Under-17 :

  • G. Mercy (Arena) beat D. Joycinthia (SBA) 21-14,21-10

Boys Doubles Under-17 :

  • S. Kishore and R. Diwakar Rao (FBC) beat S. Abhijith Sharma (FBC) and R. Hemanth Kumar (FBC) 27-25,21-15

Boys Singles Under-15 :

  • K. Ganesan (FBC) beat S. Eshwar 21-8,21-10

Girl’s Singles Under-15 :

  • J.T Pooja (Arena) beat M.Madhumitha (Kalpakkam) 21-15

Boys Doubles Under-15 :

  • K. Ganesan and S. Eshwar beat K. Govardhan and S. Raghuram (Venugopal) 21-8,21-10

Boys Singles Under-13 :

  • S. Eshwar (Kalpakkam) beat M.Naveen (Crest) 21-1,21-3

Boys Singles Under-10 :

  • S. Mohit (BBR) beat A.Jayavardhan (Arena) 21-8,21-8

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